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Origins: Pierre Garcon's Path to the Washington Redskins

Origins tells the story of where it all started for five NFL athletes. In this first episode, we sit down with wide receiver Pierre Garçon and learn how his road to stardom began in a Haitian Baptist church in South Florida.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation did a piece on our very own #88 and I wanted to make sure to bring it to your attention. It has been a video feature at the bottom of most of our posts, but here it is getting its very own love!

Actually, the video is still below (scroll down). Here is the link to the SB Nation page where it was published. I was going to embed it in the body of this post, but then the video would essentially be running from two places on the same page. If Al Gore taught me anything, it is that doing this would be bad "internetting" and I have no desire to run afoul of such strict and official policies.

Out of respect to a previous individual who commented on the SB Nation page, I wanted to make sure to mention that Pierre hails from Mount Union College. We throw mad D3 love on Hogs Haven Josh!