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Marshall Faulk Asks For One Word That Describes Redskins Through Week Six

It might not be the safest time for Marshall Faulk to ask Redskins for one word that describes the Redskins. Let's find out together!

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Marshall, you're hitting us up for a one-word answer at a pretty chaotic time. We just got blasted by two teams in front of the world on our own field. (Sure, the Seattle game was 27-17, but it was just not that close at all.) We're teetering on the edge of a razor-sharp blade. One more misstep and we go hurdling into "Evaluation Mode" territory.

I have a feeling that the remaining weeks in the season will be filled with opportunities to either go positive or negative. I typically choose the former, but I have grown comfortable over the last few years dabbling in the latter. It is reality, after all.

Let's stay positive today, and come up with a word that best sums up where we are in a manner that also intimates some upside. (Let's also not ask, "How much worse could it get?")

At 1-4, words like Dominant just don't seem to cut it. Overachieving, Disciplined and Masterful also seem to fall short of the mark.

I'll throw out a few candidates that don't feel as harsh as some may prefer: Incomplete, Erratic, Uneven, Inferior and Developmental. Inferior may sound worse than my intended meaning. Connotation matters when you are hanging everything on one word. Flawed, Deficient and Inadequate are also likely candidates that describe where we are at this point, but they, too, seem to be more negative than I want to be in this space---even if they are true.

I have added a poll to this article, and have included my choice as one of the options.


I find that up and down our roster, and even along our sidelines, we are simply limited in what we seem to be able to accomplish. From relying on the backup quarterback (no matter how much you may or may not love Captain Kirk) to a secondary missing its best and most experienced cornerback, to a first-year head coach trying to forge his path in the league, the Redskins are very much LIMITED. This is being nice about it, yes?

This answer allows for the possibility that we can stretch those limits as the season progresses. It doesn't suggest we are so flawed that we are incapable of overcoming our current limitations. Even the blindest homer on this site (usually me or ih8) could agree that this team is severely limited right now.

Marshall Faulk asks us how long do we think it will last, and this allows us to don our rose-colored shades. I am still giving Jay Gruden room to operate. I am still looking for the steady improvement out of Kirk Cousins, and I look forward to the healing of Robert Griffin III. On defense, I expect David Amerson and Bashaud Breeland to improve as a cornerback tandem. I am looking to see our investment in Trent Murphy get better by the day.

Later this season, it is not unrealistic for us to expect to see our limitations decrease. It is not unrealistic to expect that we will rise above the limitations that are so painfully and obviously in place today.

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