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What Bold Decision Should the Redskins Make In Week Five?

Marshall Faulk asks Hogs Haven what bold decision the Redskins should make in week five.

Donald Miralle

Scott (HogHunter) and I bounced a number of inappropriate ideas off of each other for this one. I think his suggestion of running the swinging gate as a tribute to Jim Zorn beat out my suggestion to punt on second down. Think about it: the Seattle tie-in, the exercise in futility, the middle finger to the universe--it really has it all.

But we digress...(something I find us doing a lot of lately).

At 1-3, there are any number of bold decisions that a first-year head coach could make. Benching the starting quarterback is out of the question, as he is already on the sideline. Benching anyone seems foolish in general at this point, as our depth is already being tested by injuries and poor performances.

On defense, we are already playing somewhat aggressive, and without the benefit of our most veteran cornerback. I am not sure Jim Haslett has a lot of room to be bolder.

On offense, I think a bold decision would be to make a move to go to Roy Helu early and often. I watched what the Seattle defense did to Eddie Lacy earlier this season. Green Bay's offensive line is likely better than ours, and Lacy had tons of difficulty getting past the line of scrimmage. Nobody is questioning Alfred Morris' toughness, but at some point, the laws of physics work against you. A brick wall is a brick wall.

I am not saying that Seattle is ill equipped to guard against the receiving back, but we might have a better chance throwing over the brick wall than trying to run through it. We will still need Alfred Morris to do what he does. I don't envy that job this week.

On special teams, we are going to have to pull out a trick play. We know we will be doing plenty of punting. We know we will have at least a few (at least) a few kickoff returns. Jay Gruden is going to have to green light at least one designed trick play. Whether it be a fake punt, or a reverse on the return, we are going to need to use that extra down or play to get something.

Just swinging gate (at least not back-to-back).

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