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DeAngelo Hall Tears His Achilles Making Pizza, Needs Another Surgery

Bad news for Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall

Rob Carr

Adam Schefter reported early this morning that DeAngelo Hall tore his Achilles tendon again.  The injury happened at his home, and he had surgery yesterday to repair it.  Hall was originally injured in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3(Sept 21st).  That would have given him 7 months to recover before OTAs started in April next year.  This new injury could push his recovery time back significantly, and into the start of next season.  Dr. Mark Adickes(former Redskin and Robert Griffin III's former surgeon) tweeted this morning that this could extend Hall's recovery time from 6 months to 9 months after he gets another surgery. Hall will turn 31 next year and a 9 month recovery puts him on track for a possible return in August.

Achilles injuries are tough to return from early, and the second injury will bring more caution to his rehab.  The last person I can remember who tore his Achilles soon after the original injury was Eagles Left Tackle Jason Peters, who was also 30 at the time.  He originally ruptured his Achilles tendon on March 27, 2012 while running, and had surgery on April 3rd.  Then, Peters was maneuvering in his kitchen using a Roll-A-Bout knee walker which broke, and he fell on his face and re-injured the Achilles in early May.  Peters missed the entire 2012 season, but was back at training camp the following year and had a very good season in 2013.  There are obvious differences between the cases. Peters is a 340lb offensive lineman, and Hall is a 200lb cornerback.  Peters was back in training camp 14 months after his 2nd surgery, Hall has almost 9 months until the start of camp next year.

The Redskins signed Hall to a new 4 year, $17 million contract this year.  He was coming off one of his best year's as a Redskin, and was planning on ending his career in Washington.  Hall and others have talked to a possible transition to safety in a year or two to extend his career.  The Redskins have two young CBs on the roster in David Amerson and Bashaud Breeland, who have stepped up in Hall's absence.  Hall's injury and recovery time will cause the Redskins to assess their situation in the secondary again next offseason.  Here's to hoping for a speedy recovery for DHall.

[UPDATE: 10/31/14 1:00PM] Head Coach Jay Gruden confirmed the injury and described how it happened...