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Hating With H8: Dallas Cowboys Edition

Get fired up Redskins fans! It's Dallas Week!

Rob Carr

It was a long offseason for Dallas Cowboys fans this year. For one, LeBron James left the Miami Heat and went back to Cleveland. Do you know how difficult it is to find a pair of 1995 Air Jordans to match with a Cavs jersey and Yankees fitted? The Lakers are in disarray and Duke lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament to Mercer. It's been rough.

And all of this happened after Tony Romo faked a back injury to avoid being humiliated in the NFC East title game again.

I'm onto you Tony.

But this year hasn't been all bad for Dallas fans. Obviously, the Cowboys are 6-1 and rolling. Shouldn't last too long, but good on em'. And seeing as Dallas fans have never been to Dallas, they're safe from the Ebola scare. And if you do need to flee Ebola, you can always head north...

Or East...

And somehow Jerry Jones walked ass-backwards into a decent offensive line. And by ass-backwards I mean someone had to literally snatch the Johnny Manziel card out of his hand at the draft. It's not fair.

The blow jays from twenty-somethings are making Jerry soft...pun intended.

Dallas's strong start will end tonight, I don't care if Colt McCoy is starting. DeMarco Murray is finally going to evaporate into dust since he's carried the ball roughly 600 times already. The Dallas defense is still quintuple garbage. Rolando McClain is bound to violate his parole.

Oh, and Tony Romo is still Tony Romo. He'll throw three picks tonight.

Final Score: Redskins 27-Cowboys 26