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Robert Griffin III Makes Brief Statement

RGIII quotes Winston Churchill in his statement to the media today

Christian Petersen

Head Coach Jay Gruden is still leaving the door open slightly for Robert Griffin III starting on Monday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys. He was scheduled to speak to the media today if he was cleared to start on Monday, if not he would make a statement.  Griffin is not cleared yet, and Gruden will wait until Monday night to announce Griffin's status.  Colt McCoy has been named the starter, and is getting the majority of the first team snaps in practice.

It's very unlikely that Griffin plays on Monday, but that won't keep us from talking about the possibility.  In the locker room today, Griffin made his statement to the media.  He talked about learning during his time away from the field, and listening to trainers, doctors and coaches.  He also said they will not be rushing him back.  You can read the full statement below courtesy of Tom Schad of the Washington Times:

"A quote that I stumbled upon during this process of being injured and being out was by Winston Churchill. And it says, ‘Courage is what it takes to stand up and do something. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.' So during this time, I've been listening, learning, growing as a player in this offense. It's our job to help this team win, and I've been there for Kirk [Cousins] and Colt as much as I possibly can, and being there for this team to make sure they're as ready as possible during this process. And it sucks that I can't get out there and play with them and help them get wins, but I've been listening to the doctors, listening to the trainers, listening to the coaches and we're not going to rush my ankle.

It's a blessing that I wasn't hurt as bad as it could've been. It's been a blessing, and I've been recovering right on time. So that's good. But at the same time, we don't want to rush that. It's Dallas week. We all want to beat Dallas. We know what this game means for our season, so that's what I've been trying to do this week and making sure that I'm ready to go, making sure this team's ready to go and whoever plays quarterback is ready to go. That's all I got to say. Beat Dallas."