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Redskins Practice 10/24: Jay Gruden Presser

Jay Gruden addresses the media after today's practice.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Injury updates:

Starting quarterback:

Robert Griffin III:

Right Tackle:

Trent Murphy:

Leonard Hankerson:

Ball security:

Colt McCoy vs Kirk Cousins:

DeSean Jackson's blocking:

"He does fine. It's about everyone's accountability on every play. We have to put him in situations that are blockable for him. If we think we're going to short motion him and insert him between a tackle and a tight end to block a safety we're probably not very smart. He have to make sure we keep him on corners and keep him outside. He can block fine doing that stuff. But when he's overmatched against a bigger safety, that's when he has trouble, but he can still do it, and he's doing a better job of it."