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Colt McCoy To Start vs Cowboys; Final Decision on RGIII Coming Tomorrow

Jay Gruden tells reporters that Colt McCoy will start on Monday, decision could change if Robert Griffin III is medically cleared.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden told reporters today that Colt McCoy is slated to be the starting quarterback when they play the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football this week.  Robert Griffin III was cleared to increase his workload this week after missing the last 5 1/2 weeks dues to a dislocated ankle.  Griffin returned to practice last week to work on individual drills.

Last week Gruden said they would reexamine his status after watching him move and practice today.  Gruden said that he looked good but, he still has work to do before he is ready to be activated.  Griffin and the other QBs rotated between teams today, with RGIII taking some reps with the 1st team offense.  If Robert Griffin III is not able to start, he will be inactive again this week and McCoy will get the start with Kirk Cousins backing him up.  This seems like the most likely scenario. Gruden left the door open for Griffin to play on Monday, calling him the wild card.

Gruden stated that the decision will come after doctors and trainer Larry Hess have a chance to examine and clear him tomorrow.  Gruden said that Griffin needs to go through several days of practice, putting pressure on the ankle, and then see if it's going to swell up or become aggravated the following day(s).  Nothing will happen with RGIII until the doctors clear him medically though.  Gruden also said that his injury history will not deter him from holding holding Griffin out longer than necessary.  When Griff is ready and cleared, he will be activated.

The team also announced the Griffin would be available to the media on Friday after being weeks of no availability.  If Griffin is named the starter tomorrow, he will be available for questions from reporters, but if he is not ready he will make a statement.

"He's progressing along. It's just a matter of watching him,"

Gruden said. "It's not so much of watching him run. I think he feels okay running right now, but it's a matter of how he feels tomorrow, and then there's certain movements - rolling out to the left, rolling out to the right, cutting back. We just have to see how he handles that. But the biggest thing is we've got to get him back comfortable throwing out of the pocket and throwing the ball to the receivers, getting his timing down. There's a lot of that also. But he's coming along at a good clip, like we thought he would, but we'll see where he is tomorrow and the next day."

"No, it's about the same. We're still going to measure him," Gruden said. "It's up to the trainers and the doctors right now. They've got to clear him, No. 1. Like i said, No. 2, he has got to feel good. But it'll be a process of how he feels tomorrow, how he feels the next day and how he's throwing and how he's playing the position."

From today's practice: