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Redskins come from behind to defeat Tennessee 19-17

The Redskins snapped their four game losing streak with a come from behind win over the Titans 19-17

Patrick McDermott

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The Redskins did what they do best in the first half versus the Titans, put themselves in bad positions. Whether it was penalties like two delay of game penalties in a half that absolutely kill drives or being careless with the football putting their defense in bad spots, the Redskins have done everything they could do not to win the game.

The Redskins are fortunate to head into the locker room only down by four points. Alfred Morris and Logan Paulson both came dangerously close to putting the ball on the turf and Kirk Cousins came extremely close to throwing not one but two interceptions in the first half.

There has been little to cheer about heading into half time, Bashaud Breeland snagged his first career interception and DeSean Jackson had a beautiful reception down the sideline but other than that it has been another uninspiring performance by the Redskins.

The Redskins need a spark coming out of the locker room, whether it's a deep ball to Jackson, a reverse, or a big turnover the Redskins need something to get their season on track. It has been a sad effort in the first half, and it will only get worse if the Skins continue to lose. Neither team has made the type of play that wins ballgames. The Redskins need to strike early and get momentum on their side if they want to win this game.

The Redskins did manage to get the spark they needed. Colt McCoy started the second half under center and on his first throw he hooked up with Pierre Garcon on a 70 yard touchdown. The Redskins cannot let Tennessee hang around, they need to continue to make plays and try to keep momentum on our side for the remainder of the game.

Niles Paul makes his second big play of the game, and the special teams has made their first big play of the season; seven games into the season, but better late than never right? After recovering the fumbled punt recovery the Redskins are set up inside the Titans 30 yard line with a chance to score and really take control of the game. These are the types of plays winning teams make, and the plays the Redskins have failed to make this season.

However, winning teams do not kick three field goals in three red zone possessions. Especially after a turnover, the difference between a 20-10 game and 16-10 game is huge. The Redskins need to be better at executing in the red zone and finishing drives. At the end of the day, field goals don't win games.

The Redskins have far too much talent and money tied up in their pass rush for the amount of pressure and impact plays they are producing. Far too often Charlie Whitehurst get comfortable and allow him too much time to throw the ball. When you have the pass rushers the Redskins have, you expect consistent pressure and impact plays often, they haven't done that enough throughout the season (Jacksonville doesn't count).

Right on cue, Whitehurst had zero pressure around him as he threw a picture perfect 38 yard touchdown pass to take the lead, and that field goal scored off the special teams turnover seems pretty irrelevant now.

Regardless of how this game ends, there are a lot of improvements to be made. If the Redskins clean up the turnovers, and execute in the red zone this wouldn't have come down to a game deciding drive to end the game.

Colt McCoy showed poise and leadership while marching the offense down the field for a game winning drive, and the Redskins get a much needed victory at home snapping their 4 game skid.