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Titans @ Redskins Week 7 Enemy Player Profile: Nate Washington

Can the Redskins keep Nate Washington from jump starting his season?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Washington

Position: Wide Receiver

Age: 31


Nate Washington signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005 as an undrafted free agent. He played on two Steelers Super Bowl (am I allowed to say that?) teams. Those teams book-ended his time with the club. He played there through the 2008 season. In 2009, Washington was signed by the Tennessee Titans and has been one of their key receivers. His career stats have been very good. In his 10 years in the NFL (including this season), he has 383 receptions for 5,809 yards and 38 touchdowns. He is not a household name but is a receiver the Redskins need to keep an eye on.


Washington's numbers have been solid, but not great. Last year was a good year for him. He recorded 58 catches for 919 yards and three touchdowns. So far in the 2014 season, he is off his pace. In six games this year, he has 12 catches for 160 yards and no touchdowns. He will be looking to get on track with this game. He was signed to be a deep threat. In the past five seasons, no Titan has more total receptions (267), receiving yards (3,944), and receiving touchdowns (26) than Nate Washington.

Potential Against the Redskins

Well, this is tough. Both teams have a combined 3-9 record. Nate Washington has had a slow start to his year. With an inexperienced secondary, Washington could look at this game as one to build momentum. He's a veteran and can capitalize on younger corners and safeties. On the other hand, he could under-perform, as he has all season long. Neither team is playing well. If Washington (Nate, that is) can turn the corner, he could provide the spark that the Titans are sorely lacking. With Hall out for the season and Amerson and Clark both questionable, this could be the game Nate Washington uses to kick-start his season.

Fun Facts:

Nate was the first player from Tiffin University to play in the NFL in the modern era.

According to the Titans website, here is a Nate Washington List of Favorites: (movie) "Harlem Nights"; (TV show) "Martin"; (actor/actress) Denzel Washington, Sanaa Lathan; (music artist) Jay-Z; (food) chicken; (vacation spot) Puerto Rico; (school subject) science; (car) Ferrari; (video game) Gears of War 2; (sports hero) Michael Jordan; and (book) "Autobiography of Malcolm X."

In high school, Nate was a lifeguard at his community swimming pool.

Here is a short video starring Nate Washington.