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Marshall Faulk Asks Hogs Haven About Redskins Two-Minute Drill Prowess

If the Redskins were down by six against Tennessee, with two minutes left on their own 30, do they win or do they lose?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Oh know just what to say to make me feel my own feelings. The saving grace for this question is that it is specifically about this week's opponent. (No disrespect to the Tennessee Titans intended.)

You'd be hard-pressed to get overly excited about your average 1-5 team's chances to execute in the two-minute drill with the game hanging in the balance. Chances are, we have had that chance and failed already.

Against the two-win Titans, the odds tilt a little bit more back to the home team this weekend. I am interested in hearing how many Redskins fans agree with me, but if this team is playing for the win at the end against another mediocre team, I am going to say they pull it out. Part of me thinks they will do it just to make the previous blunders of the season that much more painful. Part of me thinks Kirk Cousins is on the cusp of playing some pretty good football. Part of me hates those parts of me.

The Titans and the Redskins are matched up well enough to create a scenario where this thing isn't decided until the end. Watch out may get to see for yourself how we do in this situation.