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Chris Baker and DeSean Jackson Receive Fines From Cardinals Game

NT Chris Baker and WR DeSean Jackson both received fines for plays during last week's Cardinals game.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins NT Chris Baker was fined $10,000 by the NFL for grabbing Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer's facemask and pulling his helmet off.  Redskins WR DeSean Jackson was fined $16,537 for a horse collar tackle on Cardinals' DB Rashad Johnson.  He was returning an interception from Kirk Cousins during the 4th quarter, and Jackson pulled him down from behind as he was going out of bounds.  Neither play was penalized on the field during the game, which was surprising considering how blatant they were.

This is Jackson's first fine this season, but this is the second time Baker has been fined within the last month.  He received an $8,268 fine last month for grabbing Philadelphia Eagles LT Jason Peters' facemask.  Peters charged after Baker, following a hit on Eagles QB Nick Foles on an interception return that was later ruled incomplete.  This caused a bench clearing brawl which surprisingly only resulted in Baker and Peters receiving fines for their roles.