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Hazard's Huddle: Kirk Cousins's "Atrocious" Interception

An All-22 film look at Kirk Cousins's 4th quarter interception

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kirk Cousins said it this week. He called his late game interceptions "atrocious." After looking at this one, I'm not sure there is any other way to describe it. Let's take a look.


This is the play call. As you can see, the Cardinals are in a deep prevent coverage which means everything underneath is going to be open.


When Kirk hits the top of his drop, Jordan Reed as released into the flat and is wide open. Roy Helu was also released in the middle of the field and is also wide open. It's not like Kirk Cousins isn't already looking that way.


Cousins is definitely looking in that direction but is giving time for the double move on the outside by DeSean Jackson to open up as opposed to just dumping it off. The problem is when he notices that Jackson's route isn't going to come open, he doesn't dump it off.


This screenshot is literally taken right when he looks left and he is already ready to fire the ball without even looking. As soon as his eyes turned left (still not sure why he didn't dump it off there), his arm is already pulling back to fire.


It is no surprise when the ball goes directly to a defender because.........Cousins didn't see him. He knew he had a deep In route on the left and when the double move on the right didn't open up, he just turned back and threw it. Coverage be damned.

It's getting pretty clear that Kirk Cousins stepped into the job with the ability to take a hold if it and keep it but he has dropped the ball. Or, thrown the ball to the other team so to speak. He still has a few weeks left to salvage some respectable playing time but rumors of Jay Gruden not ruling out Colt McCoy and the clock ticking on Robert Griffin III's return are already bigger storylines.