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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

The Redskins are almost to the point where they can turn it on and win all the remaining games on their schedule for playoff qualification. They seem to be getting there faster than normal.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. Great news everyone! At 1-4, I was mired in depression and misery, wondering how we were going to turn this thing around. At 1-5, I am firmly in the acceptance stage of where this season currently resides. I feel like a surgeon who has performed this surgery a million times before. In previous years, I made a number of unnecessary incisions trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I was really able to cut down on the superfluous, exploratory procedures this year. Am I happy about things as they stand? Hell no, but let's not let happiness get in the way of our enjoyment of this team.

2. Speaking of things that continue to plague this franchise...Dick I feel like somewhere in a network boardroom, a guy in a suit said, "Because of our deal with the NFL, someone has to call the Redskins games. I know we planned on retiring Stockton 46 years ago, but since he still thinks he works here, let's just put him on those games. So what if he can't see the field. So what if he has forgotten more about this sport than he ever seemed to know in the first place. With a panty-dropping voice like that, just let the man work."

3. Then he said, "I think Brady Quinn hates the Redskins, and he needs some experience before we let him call games that anyone outside of D.C. will actually watch." On one hand, Quinn sounds like a 25-time Emmy award-winner next to Stockton these days. His grasp of the NFL game--like, for instance, what it takes to gain a first down--really comes in handy, even if it didn't save Stockton from resoundingly declaring that Arizona got a first down in the second quarter yesterday when they were easily eight yards short. On the other hand, Quinn blasted Chris Baker for his ultimately legal hit on Nick Foles earlier this year. He has painted the Skins in a light that has to make Washington fans wonder just how much he really hates our team. Many people will think we are paranoid, but that's just because we are the only ones who actually watch these games.

4. As a television junkie, I can tell you that there are few shows on the air that take you for the kind of ride that Redskins games do...and not the feel-good, heart-warming kind of ride. Who is writing these scripts? George R. R. Martin? We are not even halfway done this season and the main characters are getting whacked left and right. The beginning of each episode starts with such promise, only to end in bloodshed and heartbreak--every single time.

5. After seeing the Cowboys beat Seattle in Seattle and the Eagles put down the Giants, it seems somewhat obvious that the Redskins face a daunting task if they have any hopes whatsoever of making noise in the NFC this year. I have worded that in a way that makes it sound like I think that is possible. For your information, I hate myself for thinking that way. I really do, but that is what I do. If this stupid team hadn't won seven in a row after being 3-6 in 2012, you might not encounter such optimism. In previous years, we would already be looking at the draft and seeing what kind of players are available to us at the top of the first round. Of course, that was assuming we had a first round pick. Now, we have to wait until we are out of range of where winning out would actually mean something. If this was "Old Yeller", the dog would have given the whole family rabies by now, with Pa sitting on the couch saying, "Let's see where he's going with this."

6. It seems we are racing towards the top of the first round of next year's draft faster than we are racing to the top of our division. (In case you didn't notice.) I am genuinely concerned about how this team is going to act in the weeks ahead. Am I the only one concerned about what we might see out of DeSean Jackson when this team is playing out the string? Am I the only one concerned with what decision this organization will make regarding Robert Griffin III and his return to the field (if he is healthy, he has to play by the way)? Is anyone else concerned that our problems can not be even remotely solved with one first round pick? Is anyone else concerned that Kirk Cousins seems to be locking in on defensive players when making throwing decisions? Is anyone else going a little bit insane over the fact that our secondary is potentially worse than it was last season? Is that even possible? Welcome to week seven, y'all. Ten weeks of week seventeen-style action coming your way...without the benefit of a fast forward button.