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Redskins Facts: This Team Is Anything but Strength, Courage, and Respect

Native Americans should be offended more that their heritage is associated with this team than the name itself. I take Redskins Facts to task with gifs.

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With the Redskins sitting at 1-5 and surely looking at another top five draft pick, all we're left with is scraping by these next two months with humor and ad nauseam draft profiles. Ugh.

If there's one thing I dislike, it's when someone tries to ram their opinion down my throat. I don't care if it's Republican, Democrat, or whatever...present it normally and then let discussion ensue or end. The Redskins have chosen to go the other route and simply firehose their Redskins name defense to everyone. Since I browse lots of Redskins websites, this means Redskins Facts ads appear pretty much everywhere for me: Twitter, Pandora, Hogs Haven, Facebook, the shower, the can, on and on. Enough already.

This campaign is as crappy as the QB, Defense, Special Teams play. Here's Redskins Facts verbiage straight from the horse's mouth:

When it comes to on field play, those three qualities haven been nonexistent since Joe Gibbs left town. The Redskins have been the laughing stock of the NFL the last 15 years with no end in sight. The 2012 playoff run was great, but following it up with a 3-13 season goes against that whole "strength" thing.

Here are some gifs that fit nicely for what Redskins Facts says the team represents. Personally, Native Americans represent a special group of warriors that fought for decency and what was theirs. The Washington Redskins....not so much. Some of these gifs are old...but really...we see the same dysfunction week in and week out:



  • Redskins are 1-13 in their last fourteen games
  • The Navajo President that sat in the booth with Snyder was actually voted out as President and has history of fraud and theft.
  • Cowboys vs Indians. Cowboys have won 8 of past 11 games vs Skins and Cowboys have 64-40-2 series lead.
  • It's quite interesting that Roger Goodell used the same three words of strength, courage, and respect defending the name when it's now clear he has none of these values.
  • For the last 15 years, the team has had major trouble filling their own stadium. This picture on the left is actually a MNF game at Fedex.

What this Redskins PR campaign really is....a slap in the face (of course there are Cowboys jerseys in the front row):

I miss Joe Gibbs.