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Redskins Lose to Cardinals on Turnovers, Final Score Cardinals 30, Redskins 20

Redskins lose a turnover ridden game to the Cardinals.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Scoring Plays:

1st Quarter:

Carson Palmer throws a 20-yard touchdown pass to Michael Floyd. 3:08 left in the 1st quarter. Cardinals 7, Redskins 0

2nd Quarter:

-Kirk Cousins throws a 64-yard touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson. 14:03 left in the 2nd quarter. Cardinals 7, Redskins 7

-Kai Forbath kicks a 28-yard field goal. 8:20 left in the 2nd quarter. Cardinals 7, Redskins 10

-Carson Palmer throws a 24-yard touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerals. 31 seconds left in the half. Cardinals 14, Redskins 10

-Kai Forbath kicks a 43-yard field goal. 2 seconds left in the half. Cardinals 14, Redskins 13

3rd Quarter:

-Chandler Catanzaro kicks a 33-yard field goal. 4:18 left in the 3rd quarter. Cardinals 17, Redskins 13

4th Quarter:

-Chandler Catanzaro kicks a 49-yard field goal. 12:54 left in the 4th quarter. Cardinals 20, Redskins 13

- Chandler Catanzaro kicks a 37-yard field goal. 10:27 left in the 4th quarter. Cardinals 23, Redskins 13

-Kirk Cousins throws a 5-yard touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon. 2:17 left in the 4th quarter. Cardinals 23, Redskins 20

-Kirk Cousins throws a pick-6. 18 seconds left in the game. Cardinals 30, Redskins 20

Game Notes:

1st Quarter:

-Hey, a touchback to start the game for the Redskins. That's nice. Maybe we should get a dome.

-Brady Quinn being a commentator is odd. He is not bad though.

-And a nice punt from Tress Way. That is unusual. Redskins drive stalled but special teams has been good so far.

-The Cardinals had a good drive going from the 10-yard line to mid-field, but it ends in a punt. A lot of rushing attempts from Arizona so far.

-Redskins offense looks out of sink again. Punted after a 3 and out and Cardinals start at the Redskins 40-yard line.

-Say cadence one more time Brady Quinn. It's working for you.

-False starts are hurting the Redskins really badly early in this game.

2nd Quarter:

-DeSean Jackson is such a troublemaker and that is why the Eagles cut him. Only problem, he is a troublemaker for the opposing defense. That was a good one.

-Jordan Reed is hitting all of the madden buttons today. Hit them with the moves.

-4th and a few inches. That was gutsy. Probably stupid, but it worked.

-Thanks to Chris Baker for tripping DeSean Jackson. Screen should have been a touchdown.

-Shame that drive ended in a field goal. Should have been a touchdown.

-Trent Williams came out to play football today. Monster block on a Garcon screen.

-A lot of penalties in this first half. It's great to hear Brady Quinn's thoughts on them. And I would like to know what game Dick Stockton is watching. It cannot be this one based on the things he says.

-Helu always seems to be making some big catching plays every week. I like it. Sweet 2-minute drill that lead to a field goal. 2 catches for Helu and 1 for Morris

3rd Quarter:

-Jordan Reed seems to be the hot route on 3rd and long plays. Maybe that's why our 3rd down conversion percentage has been so bad.

-Quinn is recovering nicely in his color commentary. He stopped using the word cadence and started using the "blue collar" descriptive words. Solid play by the former Golden Domer.

-Redskins defense is really struggling in the 3rd quarter. They do manage to get a stop on 3rd down.

-Brady Quinn is still doing a solid job. Getting no help from Dick Stockton.

-Everyone on that 3rd and 4 knew that Kirk Cousins was going to throw the ball the Jordan Reed. Kirk staring down his receivers.

-On a 3rd and 2 when you have hands on Carson Palmer, he completes a pass. On the last play of the 3rd quarter. That play was so Redskins.

4th Quarter:

-Now Brady Quinn is picking on Chris Baker for "cheap shots" and saying he is going to have fine for it. At least Chris Baker can still be fined by the NFL, because he still plays in it.

-Good stop by Kerrigan on 3rd and 1.

-According to Brady Quinn, Arizona called a time-out to "talk about the play." Mr. Quinn, duh. You are floundering in the 4th quarter. That sounds like a familiar description for Brady Quinn.

-Ed Hochuli is killing me. That was not a fumble. Andre Roberts was just cheated. Maybe Ed Hochuli is not a fan of the Redskins nickname. Only explanation I have.

-Kirk Cousins has to find someone open when that many blitzing guys are coming at you.

-Kirk Cousins overthrows a pass for Andre Roberts and it is intercepted. Real shame.

-Jordan Reed always tries to fight for yards. Sometimes, you need to run out of bounds and ensure your health. Needs to play smarter, much like Robert.

-Cousins intercepted again. Forces passes too often. Unreal.

-Jordan Reed has been the go too guy this game. It worked on this drive.

-"They may have to attempt an onside kick here" -Brady Quinn. That was as bad as his usual 4th quarter blunders.

-I had finished writing the final score summary when Kirk threw that interception. What a jerk.

Final Game Notes

I wonder if the Redskins players will have any laughs and jokes after this game.

Turnovers: Lost that battle again. It has to stop.

Defense: Is on the field again too much. Not making plays.