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Sunday Slop: Game Day- Redskins vs Cardinals

A look at the top Redskins stories as they get set to face the Arizona Cardinals.

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Washington's offense enters the game ranks seventh in the league with 393.6 yards per game. The Redskins' defense ranks 10th in the league, holding opponents to 340 yards per game.

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Players definitely weren't happy with the reports of them laughing after a game. It led to a little grumbling throughout the week, but only one player turned down interviews because of it. Fact remains, though, that it was one of the more unusual postgame locker rooms I've covered in my 20 years on this beat. When you hear and see certain things 20 or 30 minutes after a team's third straight loss, it's worth asking about -- and I didn't even see the exchange between Trent Williams and Pierre Garcon. Keep in mind, this isn't about one loss, it's about five last-place finishes in six years and the impact it has on a franchise. It beats players down as much as anything.

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I think that is a definite issue, and you see it in the average starting position after the Redskins' kickoffs. The average starting field position after a kickoff by the Redskins is the 29.2 yard line, the second highest in the NFL. This is not a team that is so explosive offensively or so good defensively that they can keep giving up that sort of field position after a kick. So, yes, I think they do need someone better at this.

Washington Redskins Mailbag Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Both of them are eligible to come off the physically unable to perform list next week. I talked to Hankerson the other day and he was optimistic that he would be ready to go. Stephen Bowen has looked good working out off to the side -- he was running hills the other day. They were wise to keep Leonard Hankerson on the list; all knees react differently to this injury and he was initially told a minimum of nine months for his recovery. At the end of camp he still wasn't near 100 percent. I don't know when they'll activate them from this list; they need to see them in practice to get a better feel.

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