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Redskins @ Cardinals Week 6 Player Spotlight: Patrick Peterson

Player Profile on Cornerback Patrick Peterson

Alex Goodlett

Name: Patrick De'mon Peterson

Position: Cornerback

Age: 24


This former LSU tiger has earned his reputation as a premier cornerback in the NFL. Patrick Peterson was the 5th overall selection by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2011 draft. He has been a staple of their team ever since. In 2011, Peterson was the only rookie to be selected as a return specialist on the All-Pro team. He also made the 2013 All-Pro team and has been in the Pro-bowl all three years of his NFL career. Peterson is also known for his excellent return skills, but Ted Ginn Jr. is more likely going to get the return reps against the Redskins this week. Peterson has 12 career interceptions and is still looking for his first one of the 2014 season.


Patrick Peterson is good at everything. He is a one of the most versatile corners in the NFL. Patrick is moved around on the defense and has many responsibilities in man different looks from the defense. Peterson has excellent ball skills and great hands. Patrick is a precsence on the football field and quarterbacks need to know where he is at all times. He has earned his reputation as a shut down corner.

Potential Against Redskins:

The Cardinals have a talented group of defensive backs, including Antonio Cromartie and Tyrann Mathieu. Trying to throw the ball against these guys is no easy task. If Kirk Cousins makes a mistake in reading the coverages, Peterson has all of the ability needed to make him pay for mistakes. Peterson is a talented corner, but Jerraud Powers has 2 interceptions on the season. This likely means that opposing quarterbacks are trying to avoid throwing towards Peterson and Cromartie. But if the Redskins try to challenge Patrick, they may regret it shortly afterwords.

Interesting facts:

Perterson and Santana Moss share a relation through Patrick's mothers side of the family. Family reunion in the desert anyone?