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Redskins @ Cardinals Week 6 Enemy: Ted Ginn, Jr.

Ted Ginn could be the oldest double threat on the field Sunday.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Ted Ginn, Jr.

Position: Wide Receiver/Kick Returner

Age: 29


Ted Ginn has been in the National Football League for eight years. He's a wide receiver, but he's possibly better known for his accomplishments on special teams. He's been a journeyman throughout his career, spending time with the Miami Dolphins, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Carolina Panthers before landing with the Arizona Cardinals. But it hasn't seemed to hurt his desirability. His numbers as a wideout are not spectacular. According to the Cardinals web site, "[d]uring his first seven seasons, Ginn appeared in 104 games (40 starts) and amassed 10,610 all-purpose yards (2,604 receiving, 239 rushing, 1,741 punt return and 6,026 kickoff return) and 19 TDs". But his prowess as a receiver isn't where the danger lies. Where he hurts the opposition is as a kick returner.


Ginn has been a huge threat on special teams throughout his whole career. Ginn is "[o]ne of just 10 players in NFL history with two KOR TDs in a single game and joins Josh Cribbs (KOR TDs of 100 and 103 yards in 2009) as the only two players in NFL history with multiple 100-yard TDs in a single game". He is one of only four active players with multiple TD's receiving, rushing, returning punts, and returning kickoffs. There are only 14 players in NFL history to achieve that mark. He is also one of two players in NFL history with 200+ rushing yards, 2,500+ receiving yards, 1,500+ punt return yards, and 6,000+ kickoff return yards. The other is Darren Sproles.

Potential Against the Redskins

The Redskins will likely face Ginn on special teams and as a receiver. He poses a huge threat on kickoffs and punts. However, with the Redskins' secondary struggling so badly, Ginn could also make an impact as a receiver. He's been in the league long enough to have learned a few things. He may not be a dominating presence as a wide receiver, but he can be a solid option if the secondary focuses on Larry Fitzgerald. The Redskins' secondary is suffering and will do everything possible to cover Fitzgerald, leaving Ginn as an experienced option with lighter coverage.

Fun Fact: Ted's father is Ted Ginn, Sr. In high school, Ginn (Jr) was "[n]ational champion in 110-meter high hurdles as a junior (2003) and owned the best time in the nation as a senior (2004), when he won the state title for the second consecutive year in time of 13.40" according to Ohio State's web site.

Here is an early retrospective on Ginn's highlights before he joined the Cardinals.