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HH Presents: FanPrint Friday

Each Friday during the season, FanPrint will give away one free shirt to a Hogs Haven reader for correctly answering a trivia question!

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Starting this week, our friends at FanPrint have decided to give away a t-shirt to one lucky Hogs Haven reader every Friday during the season.  After months of meetings and brainstorming sessions, we decided to call it FanPrint Friday!

On FanPrint Friday, we will throw out a trivia question and then give our readers a way to participate to win. As you may remember from our post last week, FanPrint is an awesome new online store where fans can create and buy NFL player t-shirts.

FanPrint has a unique agreement with the NFL Players Association, in which 10% of every NFL branded item goes directly to the Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Trust Fund; benefiting former players who need a helping hand.  As they say, by supporting your favorite athletes of today, you are supporting your favorite athletes of yesterday.

So let's get started!

Today's trivia question hearkens back to November 12, 1990.  On that date, the Redskins and Eagles played a game in which so many players got injured and removed, it earned the nickname "The Body Bag Game".   Redskins' fans will remember that our team lost 28-14, but did get revenge later on in the playoffs when the Redskins went back to Veterans Stadium and beat the Eagles in the Wild Card game.  Then of course, the following season (1991), Washington went on to win to win the Super Bowl.

Your trivia question is this:

The Redskins had three different players play quarterback in "The Body Bag Game".  To qualify to win this week, the first three commenters to name one of the three players will be entered into a drawing. Each commenter can only name one quarterback and repeat names will not qualify.  We will then enter the three commenter's names into a hat and draw the winner!

Good luck and remember to check out all the cool gear at FanPrint!