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Five Things You Need To Know About…Roy Helu, Jr.

Is Roy Helu Washington's answer to Troy Polamalu?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Running Back

Height: 5'11", Weight: 215 lbs

College: Nebraska

Roy Helu, Jr. has taken a supporting role to Alfred Morris but that seems to be the role he's had since he got here.  What Helu brings to the team is more than just talent and depth, he brings a positive attitude.  He knows how lucky he is to be in the NFL and wants to make the most of it. We know he's got heart, but here are five more things you need to know about Roy Helu, Jr.

#1. Roy does NOT like Hello Kitty. Or Evan Royster. One of those.

#2. Helu grew his hair out last year. In an interview he mentioned that, even though he doesn't use it, he'd like an endorsement from Suave Shampoo. "Suave? I'm not a Suave user, but I know that they're pretty affordable, and I want to be marketed to the blue-collar people who can't afford Head & Shoulders. Suave's No. 1, you know?" Wish granted:

#3. Roy's favorite actress is Anne Hathaway

#4. He likes to eat breakfast at Costco, via the free samples (who doesn't?). Since we're talking Helu and food, on the street, his nickname is Zerts, as in desserts. If anyone knows what streets these are, please let me know what they are. They sound delicious.

#5. Roy is also very aware of social media etiquette.

As the saying goes, Roy Helu marches to the beat of his own drummer. He's not flashy. He's not overly concerned about his paycheck. Logan Paulson says of Helu. "He's such a good dude and such a great teammate. He's such a hard worker and all those things. He's a guy who loves the game. He's very physical in pass protection. He runs the ball really well. He's explosive in one-on-one situations. Anytime you get a player like that back, it's an asset for the team." I agree. I'm always pro Zerts. Always.