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Vintage Video: The Hogs Funeral - Hogs Bury their 1983 Opponents

Video of the Hogs in top hats and suits laying to rest their 1983 opponents - coffin and all.

Ken and I are entering year six of covering of the Redskins and it seems like so many of the down times have us looking back in the rear view mirror towards the Glory Years. Free therapy as I see it. As we wait for a new Redskins head coach to be announced, why not take a look at this fantastic video? This video was filmed during the 1983 season before the playoff run and eventual loss to the Raiders in the Super Bowl.

The highlight undoubtedly is the Hogs crying over the Dallas' wreath and whimpering Danny White's name (with clearly some Hogs laughing). The Skins beat the Cowgirls 31-10 week 15. HTTR.