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Conspiracy Theory: Head Coaching Search

Can we make anything of the candidates being interviewed?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

We've all seen the list of reported interviewees over the past week and have spent some time debating who should be the next Redskins Head Coach. However, I've been thinking about the broad net being cast for the perfect Head Coach. The most interesting candidates on the list for this theory....

  • Darrell Bevell - OC Seattle
  • Sean McDermott - DC Carolina
  • Perry Fewwell - DC Giants
  • Rich Bisaccia - ST Dallas

What makes these guys interesting and what is the theory? It would seem that the Redskins are interviewing some candidates from the teams that will be their top competition over the next few years, if/when they are regular playoff contenders. What better than to have your top competition tell you the weakness they see in your team and how they would fix it? The broad net smokescreen allows you to have dual agendas, finding your next HC and gathering extensive information about how your team is viewed. You can talk to 4-3 coordinators and 3-4 coordinators. You can talk to traditional offense guys and up-and-coming spread offense guys. The candidates will tell you about your personnel, who their top assistant coaches would be, who they would look for in the draft, and what they would do in free agency.

If my theory is correct, this is a brilliant change for the way the Redskins do business that will improve the team in so many ways beyond simply hiring the next head coach.