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Hogs Haven Offseason Planning

Tell us what you want to read about this offseason--keeping in mind that we have zero authority at Redskins Park to actually "create" good things to write about.

Scott Cunningham

Happy New Year to all our friends in Hogs Haven Nation. I am pretty sure you can just add "Nation" to anything to encapsulate a real sense of sovereign pride. I am pretty sure if I was to address "Redskins Nation" I would be slapped with a lawsuit from Ashburn. I am not even sure I am allowed to type the words "Redskins Nation" without consequences...let's find out together!

I know we are all excited to once again not have a coach, any coordinators, a sense of direction or a first round draft pick. I sure am! (Is it too early for the year?)

I wanted to take the pulse of the community and get a sense of what kinds of things you want to see and read about between now and...well...sometime in the future when the world will hopefully make much more sense to us all.

You know you are going to be getting draft profiles out the wazoo between now and the draft. If there is anyone who wants to potentially earn a spot on the Hogs Haven roster by chipping in with a very healthy amount of these draft profiles, please inquire within. It's the Lord's work, y'all. I firmly believe in educating ourselves on as many of the incoming players as possible. On my watch, there will be no fanbase smarter than ours--that is, when it comes to knowing about guys who might not even make the league.

I have a couple other offseason ideas for our crew to work on in the coming months, but I was hoping that the community could provide some suggestions as well. Let us know if there are any topics at all that we can cover on a regular basis. The preference would be to get some themes we can touch on at least weekly, if not more frequently.

I know that at times like these (end-of-the-world, is-this-really-happening-again times) a lot of people tune out Redskins sites in an attempt to stave off insanity and depression. I think we can perform a service to those people by giving them the latest and greatest in a way that entertains as much as it informs.

Thanks for sticking by us, and thanks in advance for your always good ideas.