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Should the Redskins Be the Highest Bidder for Brian Orakpo?

A top pick in the 2009 NFL draft for the Redskins, Brian Orakpo will be looking for a new contract this offseason. Will the best one put in front of him come from the Redskins?

Win McNamee

Fridays are best for short and sweet posts like this one. The poll question is straightforward, but the discussion that we'll have on this topic is likely to be anything but straightforward.

To be fair, I have not fully made my mind up on this issue, but these are some of my thoughts as we head into the offseason:

  • Even though we have additional resources this offseason, we still have to think long and hard about where to deploy those resources.
  • This organization has failed in the past at retaining its own players, choosing instead to go with free agents. That has been less of a problem in recent years, but now that we have both cap room as well as our own drafted players coming up for contracts, this issue will surely get some play.
  • It is relevant of course to question #98's role in whatever scheme we decide to employ going forward, but I want to make sure we keep in mind: Brian Orakpo is a very good football player. The job of the coach is to get it all out of the player in schemes that maximize that player's abilities. If we keep him, we could assume that it is because we intend to utilize him in ways that do this.
  • Is it just about scheme? How much of the decision should rest on his place in the locker room and the fact that we are also losing London Fletcher?
  • If we don't use the money to sign Orakpo, I still think most of that money should be used to ink current players to extensions. Keeping our own players has to be something that we do and something that our players see us doing. We ruined a few Redskins over the years when they saw us show our own players the door in favor of guys like Adam Archuleta.
I have phrased the question this way on purpose. I have no doubt we are interested in keeping Orakpo on some level. I have no doubt other teams have interest in Orakpo on some level. I question the wisdom of asking a guy to give you a hometown discount, but the truth is that we might not have to be the highest bidder to keep him. Let's leave that debate for another day.