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Is Darrell Bevell The Answer? No.

Serious concerns about Darrell Bevell as a potential HC candidate for Redskins.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that some have fallen in love with Darrell Bevell as a Head Coach candidate for the Redskins. I'm not certain as to why. Aside from concerns that I have seen and read about his leadership, there is the product that we have seen on the field. Look no further than here ( for reasons as to why Bevell is not the answer. Here is a key quote by Brian Nemhauser from Hawkblogger pulled from the article by Adam Bradley w/ Ball Hogs Radio (linked above):

I have never been that enamored with Bevell. I think he is a solid OC, but I don't see much innovation in his work, and he is not a leader of men that I want in a head coach.
Most people outside the organization do not understand that Tom Cable is actually Bevell's superior and controls the whole run game. He also is ultimately responsible for the offensive game plan. Bevell calls the plays, but I believe Cable creates the menu. The most common reaction I hear from Seahawks fans when Bevell is mentioned as a coaching candidate elsewhere is, "I hope he gets the job." Bevell would not be on my list, let alone top three.

Bevell has had Russell Wilson for two years now and the offense looks exactly the same. Teams have even started to “figure out” the offense. If you keep Wilson in the pocket he is a mediocre pocket QB and the offense stalls.

I'm biased sure. For sake of transparency, Jay Gruden and Briles are my top two candidates. Briles offense is legit and his relationship and ability to get most out of RGIII are well know. Gruden has a dynamic offense that has adapted and incorporated Gio Bernard very well. “I feel that either will be able to get the most out of RGIII and the offense and will need a solid DC to repair that side of the ball. I envision it being like Rex with the Jets, but he defensive version. Jay has made Andy Dalton look like a legit NFL QB despite his weak arm. Bevell has relied on Marshawn ( the portion of the game that Tom Cable runs) and you see little growth for Wilson. Extrapolate from those two realities and the notion that #10 is the biggest priority for this team to move forward, give me the guy who will develop Super Bob and build a dynamic offense around his strengths and everyone else’s strengths on the offense, not just be able to win with what works for now.

Bevell sounds like a good idea in principle, but he should be near the bottom of the bottom of a HC wish list.