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Washington Redskins 2014 Player Profile: Blake Clingan, P

2014 Player Profile on Punter Blake Clingan.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Clingan




Twitter Handle: @Bclingan8

Career College Stats: 251 punts, 10,017 yards, 39.9 yards per attempt

2012 College Stats: 39 punts, 1,631 yards, 41.8 yards per attempt

2014 Outlook:

The starting punting job is going to end with either Robert Malone or Blake Clingan winning the job. According to, the two get along quite well. While Malone has the edge on the punter job right now, anything can happen between now and the beginning of the season.

Roster Bubble: Options: Training Camp Player

Personal Information:

Blake and the other specialists are hanging out together on boats. That is fancy.

Blake and Anthony Rizzo might be friends and that is pretty neat. Well, unless you do not like baseball. But that is a you problem if you do not like baseball:

Blake also has an opinion on College athletes being paid. Not what I would expect from a recent college player: