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Washington Redskins Draft Profiles: Deone Bucannon, SS

Hogs Haven draft profile on Strong Safety Deone Bucannon. Will the Redskins draft him in the 2014 draft?

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Deone Bucannon

Strong Safety

Height: feet 6’1", Weight: 216 lbs

Washington State

Strengths: Deone was a productive player in the tough PAC-12 conference, gathering 114 tackles (78 solo), 6 interceptions, 11 passes defended, and 3 forced fumbles in his senior season. Bucannon is a big safety that can make booming hits. He has the physical abilities to be able to deal with tight ends, help with covering receivers, intercept the ball, and knock the ball out.

Weaknesses: Deone is a bit of a project and might not be a day 1 starter. He has issues with his technique and his tackling. Deone looks lost in space when asked to be the only cover guy on the back end of the field. He is a big hitting safety, but his bad habits could lead to unwanted penalties on the NFL level.

Bottom Line: While Bucannon has some flaws, he draws comparisons among scouts to guys like Donte Whitner. Deone is one of the better strong safeties available in the draft and many safety needy teams will take a serious look at drafting him. Big hit safeties might cause problems with the rules of the NFL today, but his ability to generate turnovers at the college level are appealing.

Projected round: 2-3

Team he fits best on: Redskins, 49ers, Eagles, Broncos, Titans, Vikings, and Packers