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Redskins Draft Profile: Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia

Hogs Haven draft profile on quarterback Aaron Murray. Should the Redskins try to get the star college signal caller?

Scott Cunningham

Aaron Murray


Height: feet 6’1", Weight: 207 lbs


Strengths: Murray is my favorite quarterback in his draft. Aaron is an experienced SEC quarterback who has a lot of great game tape. He throws a tight spiral, has a strong arm, has an accurate arm, and he can make tough touch passes. Murray has experience in a pro style offense and he showed impressive leadership qualities during a tough season for the Bulldogs.

Weaknesses: Murray does lack size at 6’1" and he has some trouble getting his throws past the line of scrimmage. His frame is also not as big as most NFL teams would likely start. Murray also has some durability issues and he is coming off of a torn ACL.

Bottom Line: Murray’s draft stock would be much higher if not for his torn ACL. After Georgia’s tough luck season and after Murray’s injury, he might be one of the unluckiest College players ever. He could easily become a quality NFL quarterback with some talented players around him. Finding good quarterbacks in the late rounds can help teams win championships, much like how the Seahawks did with Russell Wilson. Murray will be a lower round pick and a great backup initially for whoever drafts him. I suspect he will eventually find his way into a starting role and he could be one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL someday.

Projected round: 4

Team he fits best on: Patriots, 49ers, Cardinals, Giants, Packers, Bears, Lions, and Broncos, just to name a few teams who need a backup and possibly an eventual starter. I would love for him to play for the Redskins.