Lions game concerns me

So we play the lions in Week 3 and I am a little concerned. Not because of how good I think they are, though we need to not take this game lightly because they have talent and some mismatches (Megatron), but because of Suh. I don't know if anyone saw the hit to the Vikings O lineman but it was just plain dirty. Even if it was legal last year it is still a dirty play. Not only are you trying to take a guys Knees out, but you are doing it when he wasn't in the play anymore. It wasn't like he was going to catch the player returning the int. What scares me is him trying to do something like that to RG3. I am a little worried to how his knee reacts in general but if this big fat douche decides to play dirty and deliberately go after RG3's knees then his career could be over. I know it's football and freak accidents happen, like the initial play he got injured, but if people like that are gunning for his knee then that's unacceptable. Not saying Suh is the only guy who would try it but he is one player who we know would. I think most players don't want to end someone's career but Suh scares me in that aspect. Thoughts?