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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Opening Day is here...we made it!

Scott Cunningham

1. Happy Opening Day to all of you. We made it through yet another offseason, and have arrived at meaningful Redskins football once again. I have more to say on this obviously, but a simple congratulations and hat tip to surviving a drama-filled spring goes out to my fellow Washington fans.

2. I equate Opening Day in the NFL to that first time a young man finds himself at a gentlemen's establishment. The sensory overload that transpires in that moment is enough to blow every circuit in your brain. Everywhere you look, something amazing is happening. Everywhere you turn, you are seeing something that puts a smile on every single cell in your body.

3. One potential difference: NFL Sunday delivers multiple money shots. Last second field goals, desperate game-deciding drives and defensive plays made my players whose names are still not familiar enough to the general populace dominate the experience.

4. Tonight, our Redskins will take on the green team from up I-95. I will neither kill you with self-confidence nor poison you with words of bravado. This game will be much harder than it feels like it should be. We would be foolish to sleep on any team in this league, much less one with guys like Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson on offense. Early mistakes can hamstring our chances of winning--just ask the New York Giants.

5. I think this Washington Redskins team is fortunate to open on Monday Night Football, because they were able to hopefully learn some lessons from yesterday's action. The Falcons lost a tough divisional matchup to New Orleans. The Buccaneers certainly weren't expecting to lose to the Jets and their rookie quarterback. Buffalo made things closer than most betting men thought against New England. The point is that although this is our first game, my hope is that the Redskins got that taste of the unpredictability that exists in the NFL each and every week. My hope is that the leadership in the Washington locker room will make it clear that we can't wait until we are 3-6 to play with the kind of desperation necessary to win consistently in this league. It has to start TONIGHT.

6. PLEASE BE SAFE AT THE STADIUMS YOU ATTEND!!! Another fan lost his life in a fall at an NFL venue. This is very upsetting for me, as I attend many, many football games and events, and the last thing you would ever want associated with your experience is that kind of loss. In addition to maintaining control of your faculties, please be aware of your surroundings and--above all else--LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER. It doesn't matter what jersey a person wears, we are responsible for each other.