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Breaking Down the Redskins Projected Offensive Depth Chart for Week 1

Taking a look at how the Redskins depth chart should be for week one.

Where does 3rd year receiver Aldrick Robinson fit on the Redskins Depth Chart?
Where does 3rd year receiver Aldrick Robinson fit on the Redskins Depth Chart?
Jonathan Daniel

Below I will project the Redskins Depth Chart for the start of the season with thoughts on each position group:


1st: Robert Griffin III 2nd: Kirk Cousins 3rd: Rex Grossman 4th: Pat White

Comment: The only surprise here was the fact that Pat White made the team out of camp and the Redskins decided to keep four quarterbacks. With the Raiders cutting Tyler Wilson the Redskins and Jets are the only teams left with four quarterbacks on their roster. The interesting thing here will be to see if Pat White lasts after this first week, after his role to simulate Michael Vick will be over, and Griffin and Cousins will be healthier.

Running backs:

1st: Alfred Morris 2nd: Roy Helu Jr.    3rd: Evan Royster 4th: Chris Thompson

3rd down back:  1st  Roy Helu Jr.   2nd: Chris Thompson 3rd: Evan Royster

Comment: Morris and Helu Jr. should form a really good 1-2 punch this season if they can stay healthy. Helu offers the outside speed, passing blocking ability and ability to catch the football. Those things were lacking from the Redskins backfield this season, but now with this tandem the Redskins rushing attack can do it all. What will be interesting is how will Royster and Thompson be utilized. Royster has had a nice preseason, but can he be on the active game day roster if Thompson is active? While I have Thompson listed as the 2nd third down back, that is probably in just certain situations. I don't know how much the Redskins can count on Thompson to pick-up a blitz which is needed to be on the field as the 3rd down back.


1st: Darrel Young 2nd: Niles Paul 3rd: Logan Paulsen

Comment: There is only one true fullback on this roster, but the team would use versatile TE Niles Paul as the 2nd fullback. Mainly this would be used for in emergency situations, but the team could look to have packages where they have Paul in there, in a hurry up mode. That would allow Paul to line up at various positions, while the defense is stuck in a certain package. Logan Paulsen will also line-up in the backfield from time to time in an H-Back/FB type of role, and would also be an emergency option.

Tight Ends:

1st: Fred Davis 2nd: Logan Paulsen     3rd: Niles Paul   4th: Jordan Reed

Inline Blocking TE: 1st: Logan Paulsen  2nd: Niles Paul

Move/Joker TE: 1st: Fred Davis    2nd: Jordan Reed    3rd: Niles Paul

Comment: What tight end personnel you see will be dependent on what formation the Redskins are in. Yes there is of course a basic depth chart of Davis, Paulsen, Paul, Reed, but I think we are going to see a lot rotation in this group. Now each tight end needs to be able to be utilized in all the roles, but the Redskins could get some real advantages if they can maximize these players skill sets and exploit mismatches. The real interesting thing here is can the Redskins keep 4 tight ends active on game days. That could be tough to do week-in-week-out.

Wide Receivers:

1st: Pierre Garcon 2nd: Josh Morgan 3rd: Santana Moss 4th: Leonard Hankerson 5th: Aldrick Robinson

X Receiver: 1st  Pierre Garcon     2nd: Aldrick Robinson   3rd: Leonard Hankerson

Z Receiver: 1st: Josh Morgan      2nd: Leonard Hankerson

Slot Receiver:  1st Santana Moss

Comment: This is another position group that has a basic depth chart, and then one that is more broken down. The Redskins typically don't like to move their receivers to another position unless they have to. Hankerson is the one guy who you could maybe say could back-up either X or Z receiver positions. While not listed he might  be the best option for the slot as well if Moss were to go down. Robinson is a guy who a lot of people are high on, but he probably won't play much from the Z spot, and he's not really a slot guy. Now that doesn't mean we won't ever see Garcon and Robinson on the field together, but rather that it is pretty unlikely that we'll see it more than a handful of snaps a game.

Offensive Tackles:

LT: 1st Trent Williams 2nd: Tom Compton

RT: 1st Tyler Polumbus 2nd: Tom Compton

Comment: Three man group here so not a lot of possibilities. Tom Compton is the swing tackle and that could pose a bit of a problem. The coaches are high on him, but he was struggling too much in preseason versus 3rd and 4th stringers. When Maurice Hurt comes off the PUP he may end up as the 2nd team RT, but otherwise this group is pretty thin and the Redskins can't afford an injury to either tackle.

Offensive Guards:

LG: 1st: Kory Lichtensteiger 2nd: Adam Gettis 3rd: Josh LeRibeus

RG: 1st: Chris Chester 2nd: Adam Gettis      3rd: Josh LeRibeus

Comment: Now we never saw Adam Gettis at LG in preseason, but we did see Josh LeRibeus there and the results weren't too pretty. At this point I think if either guard were to go down Gettis has to be the guy you bring in. It wouldn't shock me if LeRibeus is the one who is inactive on game days. When Maurice Hurt comes back, he will probably take over the number 2 spot at both positions.


1st: Will Montgomery 2nd: Kory Lichtensteiger   3rd: Adam Gettis

Comment: The Redskins don't have a true back-up center. In fact both LeRibeus and Gettis are very raw at the center role, as neither played the position in college. Kory Lichtensteiger did play the position in college, and he would be the guy most likely called upon if Will Montgomery went down. Gettis would be the next option if the team didn't want to take Lichtensteiger off his starting spot.

What do you think? Will there be any surprises to the Redskins depth chart from what is listed?

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