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Daily Slop: Redskins Restructure Money Already Spent; Rob Jackson Permitted to be at Redskins Park During Suspension

Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web

Al Messerschmidt


Pierre Garcon to Donate $2,500 to Cancer Victim for Every TD He Scores Against Eagles " CBS DC
Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon has teamed up with Paisano's Pizza to assist the family of 8-year-old cancer victim Tara Sanker. The 'Let's Take Care of Tara' campaign runs throughout September, to which Garcon will donate $2,500 for each touchdown he scores against Philadelphia.

Need to Know: Redskins’ restructure money already spent | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Here is what you need to know on this Thursday, September 5, four days before the Redskins open up their season against the Eagles at FedEx Field. Nickel coverage 1.

Redskins Rookie Outlook for 2013 |

A look at where the draft class stands heading into the season and what should be expected from them.

Play Breakdown: How the Redskins Utilize the Zone Blitz |

A detailed look at how the Redskins zone blitz helps the defense and can drive opposing offenses crazy.

Vick to RG3: 'You have to be cautious' | Comcast SportsNet Washington
"What I’ve learned is that you have to be cautious because these guys in this league, they hit so hard and we only weigh 210, 215 pounds," Vick said on a conference call with local reporters. "And these guys taking all types of angles on us and we don’t even see them sometimes. So it’s important for us to protect ourselves and be conscious of where we are on the field and, most importantly, understand how much we mean to our football team."

Washington Redskins Will Make Deep Playoff Run in 2013 | 4th & Pain
The Washington Redskins will make a deep playoff run, defensive end Adam Carriker predicts.

Compton is Redskins' backup plan at tackle | Comcast SportsNet Washington
"I’m definitely a lot more confident now," Compton said Wednesday. "Getting those preseason games under my belt ... I felt, at game speed, I’m up to par."

Orakpo: 'I’m excited, man' for first game back | Comcast SportsNet Washington
"It’s going to be relief [because] I’m back, I’ll just imagine all the work I’ve put in, to get back and play at a very high level," Orakpo said. "There’s going to be a lot of thoughts going through my head."

Fred Davis: ‘Teams wanted me for cheap’
"Teams wanted to get me for cheap," he told ESPN. "The teams I had options to see, when they first told me the numbers they were thinking about, I was, like, ‘No way I’m going to entertain them.’"

Alfred Morris will use team success to gauge his own
"Even if I don’t have numbers like I did last year, I wouldn’t care," Morris said. "That doesn’t define a successful season to me. Maybe it does to other people, or maybe the fantasy football people, but not to me. If we go to the second round of the playoffs, that’s a successful season for me, and I’m going to go help my team win."

Cofield says broken hand is ‘not gonna be an excuse for me’
"You can’t think about it," Cofield said. "You can’t adjust your game. You’ve just got to go out there and work. Our medical staff has been great. They’ve got a ton of different options. Having this long practice week will give me a lot of time to adjust. I don’t think it will affect me. It’s not gonna be an excuse for me."

Rob Jackson permitted to be at Redskins Park during suspension
Jackson’s suspension fell under the drug abuse policy, but Jenkins’ ban came as a result of violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing drugs.

RGIII: It will feel good to get hit - NFL Videos
Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III expresses his confidence and excitement to get back on the field after recovering from his knee injury.

QBs Michael Vick, Robert Griffin III through a looking glass - ESPN
Vick, 33, sees what was and what might have been if he’d harnessed his full potential when he was the hot young quarterback revolutionizing the game. "I’m a fan of his just like he’s a fan of mine," Vick said Wednesday. "I like the way he plays. I like the desire he brings to the game."

DeAngelo Hall: 'I like our chances' - NFC East Blog - ESPN
"I think Oregon, everybody on their team was a little bit faster than the Pac-10," Hall said. "When they played teams of the SEC, the speed leveled out and it was a different ballgame. The NFL, everybody's fast. I think guys saw that in the preseason. Everybody's fast, everybody's the best of the best. I don't think it will be anything overly complicated or we'll feel like, 'Man, it's going so fast we can't see it.' That's why we get paid to go out there and see things happen. I like our chances."

No Limitations For Robert Griffin III Running
So when he was cleared to play in Week 1, he was approved without limitation, including on the number of running plays for the 2013 season. "No, we don’t have a number," Shanahan said flatly. "Usually a couple of pretty good hits and [quarterbacks] will slide a little bit quicker."

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Running Backs Ready To Lay It All On Line
Armed with a veteran fullback and four dynamic running backs, the Washington Redskins running game looks to improve on last year's league-leading unit.

How the Redskins like to "window dress" the same concept |

FENNO: Like other NFL concussion plaintiffs, Dexter Manley tired of suffering - Washington Times
Last year, Manley joined the more than 4,600 former players suing the NFL over head injuries. And Manley's boisterous voice won't be found grumbling about the proposed $765 million settlement reached last week.

Redskins receiver Leonard Hankerson learning to manage family life with football career - Washington Times
Leonard Hankerson is experiencing what his father could not. Being a dad fortifies his identity as he becomes a man himself at age 24. He navigates typical challenges of fatherhood in an atypical dynamic: He is operating without a blueprint; he's the product of a culture in which raising children is optional for fathers in many cases, and his job as a receiver for the Washington Redskins significantly impacts his role as a provider and caretaker for his children.

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