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Open Thread: Ravens @ Broncos

The first game of the 2013 NFL season is upon us. Since the Redskins play at Denver week 8, why not have an open thread?


For all the new Hogs Haven members since last January, here's a little primer on how game threads work 'round these parts.

These open threads or game threads are like fast-moving chat rooms, except better. You can reply to people and see multiple conversations happening in real time.

And keeping track is as easy as hitting your 'Z' button.

The 'Z' button is a shortcut key that moves your browser to your next unread comment within that game thread, chronologically. It is truly an awesome feature across all SB Nation sites. You can leave a comment replying to someone about Manning's gigantic forehead, then press the Z key. You will be transported to another conversation talking about the random fan that was on TV ten minutes ago wearing a Redskins Champ Bailey jersey, where someone just left a new comment. You correct them. Then you press Z again. Someone replied to your earlier comment about Manninghead and you're taken straight back there.

Perfect. Oh, if the yellow background drives you nuts for new comments, "Shift"+"A" marks all comments as read and turns the background white.

What not to do

All comments must follow the HH Community Guidelines, or they will be warned and you could be banned. Act like you would with a bunch of friends at a family-friendly Redskins bar. That is what Hogs Haven is.

That means:

  • Be respectful
  • Keep language appropriate
  • Stay on topic (no trolling, politics, etc). There's a "flag" button the community can use if someone gets out of control.

The rules really are loose. Please join us in the game threads this NFL won't regret it.