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RG3, The Knee, And The Return: Key Factors

No matter what anyone says or thinks, seeing RG3 on the field will be an emotional return. The only question that remains is can the environment be managed?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins' Quarterback Robert Griffin III has been itching to play, and he'll get his chance Sept. 9 vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. It's good to see him back in action.

Meanwhile, here are some thoughts and some lessons learned:

1. No matter the decision, it was preseason, relax. RG3 wanted to get out there for the one reason anyone that was injured would have: To play and shake off the rust. Understood, but in his case, he wasn't cleared to play, and it was preseason. I'm sure everyone can remember at least one player that jumped the shark during those weeks only to be out for the season or part of the season. And it was obvious it bothered him (Operation Patience T-Shirt...Really Robert?).

2. It's about the bigger picture: Learn to think ahead.
Head coach Mike Shanahan was star struck in last year's Wild Card game vs. the Seattle Seahawks. Even Seahawks fans saw RG3 needed to sit down. I lost my voice yelling at the screen. For the investment given to acquire RG3, the reckless endangerment wasn't necessary. Winning the NFC East Division Championship was great. It was time to think bigger than the wild card game in regards to RG3. You play to win of course, but not to ruin your biggest investment. Both parties need to remember that this season.3. The first round of snaps will have everyone holding their breath. I think everyone will breathe a little lighter when we realize that RG3 has found a groove.

4. It's not about the person RG3 was last year, it's about what he's able to do for the Redskins this year.
Will we see a conservative RG3? Or will he come back with the same style we all loved last season? I think we're going to see a little bit of both.

5. Offensive line, you're up. RG3 is a play maker, but the offensive line will have to put in the extra effort to keep him protected. Yeah, we've said this every year when it comes to a Washington Redskins quarterback. I know. However, he was sacked 30 times last season.

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