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Redskins Outlast Raiders, Final Score 24-14

The Redskins hang on to beat the Oakland Raiders. The Redskins Defense sacked Matt Flynn 7 times and scored a touchdown.

Ezra Shaw

1st Quarter:

  • Special Teams gaffe by Perry Riley. Raiders block Sav Rocca’s punt and recover it in the endzone. Raiders 7, Redskins 0.
  • Redskins offense continues to struggle, Raider’s Matt Flynn Throws for another touchdown to Tight End Mychal Rivera. And in case you were wondering, yes, he is the brother of Glee’s Naya Rivera. Thanks for that shameless promotion Fox. Raiders 14, Redskins 0.
  • Redskins go into the hurry up offense, drive down the field and are 2nd and goal at the end of the first quarter.

2nd Quarter:

  • On second and goal, Robert Griffin III is flagged for intentional grounding. On 3rd and goal Griffin III throws a short pass to Pierre Garcon who is stopped at the 2-yard line. After a delay of game penalty on 4th down, Redskins kick a field goal. Raiders 14, Redskins 3.
  • Raiders start to drive down the field, Redskins Cornerback David Amerson intercepts Matt Flynn’s pass and returns it for a touchdown. Raiders 14, Redskins 10.
  • Redskins Brandon Meriweather makes a tackle in the open field on a third and short.
  • On a 4th and short, the Raiders fake punt for another first down. More missed tackles by the Redskins.
  • Redskins attempt a 4th and 3, but Robert is sacked. Raiders get the ball at mid-field.
  • End of the Half: Raiders 14, Redskins 10.

3rd Quarter:

  • Raiders and Redskins exchange 3 and outs until Logan Paulsen fumbles the ball and the Raiders recover the ball on the Redskins 43-yard line. The Raiders missed a 52-yard field goal attempt.
  • Redskins drive down the field and Robert Griffin III connects with Pierre Garcon on a 5 yard touchdown pass. Raiders 14, Redskins 17.
  • Redskins sack Matt Flynn twice on their next drive. Brian Orakpo and Barry Coefield each sacked him on the drive. Redskins get the ball back and run one play to end the quarter

4th Quarter:

  • Flynn continues to take big hits from this Redskins pass rush.
  • Kerrigan strips Flynn and the Redskins recover the ball.
  • Roy Helu rushes for a touchdown and the Redskins score off of the Raiders turnover. Raiders 14, Redskins 24.
  • Redskins stop the Raiders on 4th down and take over at their own 10-yard line.
  • Redskins finish the game with the win, final score Raiders 14 and the Redskins 24.

Important Game Notes:

  • Missed tackles continue to be a huge problem for the Redskins. London’s poor play is becoming visible.
  • The Redskins had seven sacks in this game. The pass rush looked dominant over the Raiders offensive line.
  • Roy Helu stepped up in place of the injured Alfred Morris.
  • Robert still looked rusty in this game, but he did not have any turnovers today. He looks like he is improving. He had 217 passing yards with a TD.
  • The Redskins ran the football more in this game with 32 attempts for 122 yards.
  • The Raiders had 3 turnovers compared to the Redskins 1 turnover. Winning the turnover battle is the first step to winning games.