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Perry Riley Talks About the Team's Porous Defense in his Reddit AMA

Perry Riley conducted a Reddit AMA today and addressed several questions. I filtered out the ones related to the Redskins porous start:

Scott Cunningham

Highlights from Perry Riley's Reddit AMA. It's good to hear the players who repeatedly make mistakes are getting harsher treatment.

As a fan whose own team is 0-3, how do you and the Redskins mentally concentrate on overcoming a rough, winless start to the season?

Perry Riley: We focus on the next week. Last year we were at 3-6 and we stayed together and pulled out 7 straight. It's a long season left and we still have time to turn this season around.

The defense is currently on pace to give up the most yards in NFL history. Does that get talked about at all in the locker room? Do you guys use that as a motivation to get better? I'm just curious if stats like that have any effect on the team. Good luck the rest of the year.

Riley: We talk about it, we're very aware of it and we work hard everyday to get better. But we're definitely aware of it.

As a veteran on the roster, what do you do in the locker room and in practice to help the younger guys overcome mistakes? Is it more of a mentoring situation or a disciplinarian one?

Riley: A little bit of both. If it's their first mistake then you sort of look to help them, but if they make the same mistakes over and over then you give them a little bit more of a harsher reality.

Why do you think your team is 0-3?

Riley: We haven't put together a full game yet. When offense is on, defense is off, and vice versa. We need to get all three - offense, defense and special teams clicking together.

What's one team you'd love to play against in either the NFC championship game or the Super Bowl?

Riley: Seahawks. Get some payback.

Smooth or Crunchy peanut butter? Choose wisely!!

Riley: Smooth. Creamy is what it's called.

Umm, no. Crunchy is better.