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Fantasy Football Players to Start or Sit: Week 4

Sean Patterson continues the "Start or Sit" segment and offers advice for Fantasy Football players on who should be in their line-ups week 4. Sean's fantasy football player watch list for the waiver pick-ups is also included.

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This segment is designed to help you decide which of the "lower end" or more "questionable" players to start of sit in fantasy football. I’m not planning on covering every stud player, so do not over think it when it comes to guys like Julio Jones or Adrian Peterson. They are always guys to start unless they appear on my list. If you have concerns about specific players, feel free to leave a comment with your player concern or tweet (@Spatters91) me and I will try to help you out. Good luck fantasy players!

Also, sorry for the more brief descriptions. A hand injury is impeding my ability to type. I will still answer your questions as best as I can, but consider me day-to-day for now and questionable for Sunday. (Just kidding, put me in coach! I do not need to use one of my hands to play football, just like that Arizona defensive back does not need the tip of a finger to play football.)

Bye Week Alert: Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers

Guys to Start:

Andrew Luck: (MUST START) I do not think the colts will magically start having a monster running game. Look at what Russell did last week with a monster running game.

Jamal Charles: (MUST START) The Giants defense is not looking so good right now. Expect Alex Smith and Jamal Charles to do their best impressions of Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook.

Pierre Garcon: The Redskins against the Raiders? Finally, a match-up when you do not start the receivers playing against the Redskins.

Greg Jennings: The Steelers are not exactly a powerhouse this season. If you are having some bye week flex problems, Jennings could be a good fill in guy.

Trent Richardson: He could check in with another TD this week against the weak Jaguars. Richardson is also a good pass catcher, so this shocking trade does not ruin his long term upside. He will likely get better the longer he is with the colts, even though their offensive line is pretty lack luster.

Frank Gore: The 49ers need to run the ball more. Plain and simple. Kaepernick is struggling, and gore has a good match up. His numbers have not been great, but he is due for a good game.

Guys to Sit:

Colin Kaepernick: Wow, this is really bad. If you have any better option, I would consider it this week. Kap has not been good at all the past two weeks, but I’m shocked by his performance against the Colts. Maybe if Vernon Davis is healthy, I would play him. But if you have a better option, like Vick or maybe even Alex Smith, consider starting them.

Arian Foster: The Seahawks. Oh no. Avoid Foster like he is playing the 49ers last year.

David Wilson: The Giants are a mess. Wilson is a fumbler. This is a fantasy players worst nightmare (along with Stevan Ridley…doh for drafting him). Wilson needs to be benched until he shows you some signs of life.

Larry Fitzgerald: Larry will be the victim of Revis island this week. The bucs have been bad this season, but the Cardinals are not likely going to crush them like the Patriots did.

Roddy White: Look at White again after his bye week. He may be healthy by then…maybe.

Sean’s Fantasy Watch List: (Waiver Wire Recommendations: In deeper Formats, add watch list guys)


Bernard Pierce (BAL-RB)à Rice is having some issues.

DeAndre Hopkins (HOU-WR)à His week 2 performance is why he intrigues me

Kenbrell Thompkins (NE-WR)à Tom Brady let him live, and let it rain.


EJ Manuel (BUF-WB)à Really Like him as a No. 2 guy

Terrelle Pryor (OAK-QB)à Not as good as Manuel, but worth watching

Brian Hartline (Mia-WR)à It is Wallace’s team, but Hartline is really fast too.

Donnie Avery (KC-WR)à It was one week, but I liked what I saw

Aaron Dobson (NE-WR)à He is a low-end option, but an okay add.

Santonio Holmes (NYJ-WR)à Geno seems to be doing well with holmes

Stephen Hill (NYJ-WR)à He looks like a no. 1 wideout, maybe he can play like one

Eddie Royal (SD-WR)à Week 3. That’s about right.

Marlon Brown (Bal-WR)à He has looked pretty good.

Coby Fleener (Ind-TE)à Could be a good no 2 guy with upside.


Ted Ginn Jr. (Car-WR)à Numbers can lie, but he is worth keeping an eye on

Robert Woods (Buf-WR)à I really like this kid.

Leonard Hankerson (WAS-WR)à If the Redskins can get it together, this guy could break out.

Tyler Eiffert (CIN-TE)à Really solid looking no. 2 TE. He could win that job soon.

Charles Clay (MIA-TE)à Interesting guy. Dolphins TE looks like an interesting no. 2 option.

Jordan Reed (Was-TE)à Davis might be hurt

Danny Woodhead (SD-RB)à He is a PPR monster with limited upside

Denarius Moore (OAK-WR)

Bryce Brown (PHI-RB)à Had some touches week 1

Quinton Patton (SF-WR)à Keep an eye on him

Darrius Heyward-Bey (IND-WR)à Showed up stat wise week 3

Percy Harvin (SEA-WR)

Heath Miller (PIT-TE)