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Power Rankings Week 4: Where do the Redskins Fall?

A look at some power rankings around the web and where the Redskins stack up.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation: Rank 23

-SBNation takes Jim Haslett to task, but didn't drop the Redskins too far this week. They also have a creepy RGIII picture.

Phinsider: Rank 30th

-The Dolphins site has the Redskins falling 11 spots and feels the team is in complete disarray.

ESPN: Rank 27th

-ESPN drops the Redskins three spots and is very  disappointed in their one dimensional offense this season, noting how it is a major difference from last year. Rank 26th

-Dropping the Redskins four spots I look at how this defense can't stop anyone, and the offense is under performing.

CBS Sports: Rank 27th

-Pat Kirwan takes the Redskins to task for their overuse of RGIII, noting that they are averaging 20 more pass attempts per game than during the 7 game win streak.

Yahoo Sports: Rank 26th

-Might be the only rankings to have the Redskins moving up this week. Takes the defense to task for their poor play.

Fox Sports: Rank 28th

-Brian Billick isn't an optimist when he comes to the Redskins as he predicts them losing to the Raiders next week.

Mile High Report: Rank 27th

-The Denver Broncos blog feels the Redskins are an all around mess, putting a fair amount of blame on Mike Shanahan's shoulders. They do feel that the Redskins might be the 2nd best team in the East (though not currently ranked that way).

What do you think where should the Redskins rank?