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Hogs Haven Charity Beer Pong Tournament to Benefit Wounded Soldiers

Kevin and Ken decided they wanted to give back to the wounded soldiers of our fine military. A kick ass party while watching college football and playing beer pong seemed like a great way to raise money and do just that.

When: Saturday, October 5, 2013 - 3pm - 7pm (Redskins BYE week)
Where: RFD sports bar in Chinatown, DC (1 block from Verizon Center)
Why: Because we have the ability to raise money for a good cause and we like beer pong, and drinking with Redskins fans, and we have our own large, private back room with beer specials. 
Who: Anyone who wants to come. I'll update this section when I have confirmations from players and local celebrities that will be stopping by.

$0 to just hangout and have drinks.

$50 for each team ($25 a person) for those playing in the beer pong tourney.

$10 donation at the door which gets you a Hogs Haven cup and all the beer specials. ($3 pints)


Yellow Ribbon Fund -

The Yellow Ribbon Fund continues to provide practical support to injured service members and their families while they're at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, and after they return to their hometowns.


It's a single elimination tournament and there will be big times Redskins prizes for the winning team along with sweet DC sports memorabilia which will be given to participating teams that make the final foul. EvoShield provided a signed RGIII shirt and a sample of the undergear he wears. Adam Carriker provided a signed pair of gloves, and there's these bad ass trophies for the winner.


More details to come...but register now as tickets are first come, first server for the tournament.

Here's a picture of RFD in Chinatown, DC. (across the street from the Gallery Place Metro stop).

RFD Washington
810 7th St NW,
Washington, DC ‎[Map]