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Washington Redskins Drop To 0-3:Thoughts From The Couch

Sitting here throwing soda cans at the TV screen doesn't change the fact the Washington Redskins, 2012 NFC East Division Champions, are 0-3. The honeymoon is over with RG3, and it's time to win. A Week 4 win is needed to right the ship. Here are some observations from the 20-27 loss to the Detroit Lions.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Turning Point: The Redskins' touchdown in the 4th Quarter touchdown that was called back was a heartbreaker. This took the wind out their sails. Also, consider the fumble by Robert Griffin III. That was a big run, and a big error.

Lions Break Streak...Who Cares?: Lions break a 21-game loss at FedEx. Okay.

Hitting Home: Josh Morgan's mom worked in the area where the Washington D.C. Navy Yard shooting happened. It took 8 hours for confirmation of her safety. Wow. R.I.P to all those affected.

Comes Out Swinging: London Fletcher comes out the box with a sack, setting up a great defensive stop.

The Poor Decision: With 8:58 in the Second quarter RG3 threw a ball he shouldn't have thrown. This could have been ugly.

Progress Made?: 30-yard touchdown run by Alfred Morris was the  first offensive TD in a first half for the Redskins this season.

Duel threat a fad for RG3? Ronde Barber attempted to explain how RG3's style of play is a fad. I guess  Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick are fads too? Come on man.These are good quarterbacks.

My 2 Cents: This is the best I've seen the defense play since the beginning of the season, but our secondary is suspect, and the offensive line is going to have to adjust to "Conservative RG3".  Everyone was talking about how RG3 was going to come out and run more, but it's quite obvious he's still working that leg back into the equation. The offensive line needs to hold and give him the time needed to make the play, period. Then again, this is an ongoing battle cry.

At the end of the day it's still 0-3.

Now the questions will grow stronger: Should RG3 be pulled? Where's the defense?

On Another Note: Lions Kicker David Akers reaches 15 years of play Friday, but started as a Redskin, so much respect. The Bud light commercial where Ramsey is screaming at the TV- yeah, I hear ya - that was funny. Oh yeah, Ronde Barber as a commentator? Hmmmmmmm. The only thing left to do this week is hear about this loss on my Facebook page from the ONE Lions fan I have. She's going to love this week.

Division Thoughts: The NFC East has started to smell like the 2012 NFC West. No clear leader till the very end.