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Two Cents: There's No Better Place To Be 0-2 Than the NFC East

Only two weeks into the season, optimism continues to reign.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

What a week.

The Redskins--defending NFC East champions and not long removed from "NFL darling" status--are 0-2 and staring another high-powered offense in the face. So you're saying there's a chance...that this train could derail in glorious fashion?

Come on, that is

I still think it is possible for that to not be us. I think it is more likely that we put two good halves together rather than two soul-crushingly bad ones. We're close to clicking on a few more cylinders. Detroit needs Reggie Bush to do what they do. If he can't play on Sunday, our defense will have a far greater chance of stopping him.

With the loss of the world-beating Philadelphia Eagles to Andy Reid's Chiefs, there is only one team in our entire division without a losing record: Dallas at 1-1. A win on Sunday and the Redskins are no worse than second in the NFC East. It's a great division to be 0-2 in these days.

We might not overwhelm fans and critics with two solid halves of football. We might not choose to display certain minimum levels of competency at times during the first quarter...of every game. We might not "score enough points" to win every contest. But we also don't lose to Detroit at home.

It's going to feel good in the lot on Sunday. While there are some great local Detroit fans, it is typically one of the smallest opposing fan turnouts at FedEx. (Much like Herman Cain, I don't have the facts to back that up.)

I think we got this. I really do.

P.S. Congratulations Kevin! The tailgate will have some real positive momentum on the news of your engagement (maybe even enough to counter Ebenezer Lance).