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Redskins Vs Packers Final Score: Rodgers Sails Past Redskins With 38-20 Victory

Matthew Stockman

That was one of the worst Redskins performances in Mike Shanahan's tenure in Washington. The Packers broke or equaled multiple franchise records on their way to a convincing 38-20 win over the Redskins. Here's your recap.

First Quarter

The Packers won the toss and elected to receiver. Brandon Meriweather made his first start of the season for the Redskins at safety. The Packers opened up with a couple of screen passes and no huddle offense early, having seen the Redskins struggled to defend it last week against the Eagles.

On the first packers run of the game, Brian Orakpo got caught rushing upfield and left a big running lane for Lacy. Lacy took it for a first down, but then left the game with a concussion after Meriweather landed a hit to Lacy's jaw. With Lacy out, the Packers went back to their screen game as an extension of their run game. They were testing the Redskins ability to tackle, and the Redskins couldn't wrap up consistently throughout.

After driving into the Redskins, Ryan Kerrigan bailed out the Redskins, beating the right tackle with a good angle and getting a sack on Aaron Rodgers. That eight yard loss made it third and goal from the 25. The Redskins went to their nickel rush package that we saw in preseason. Kerrigan played inside as a 3-technique defensive tackle. He ran an inside stunt and found himself free up the middle to land back to back sacks on Rodgers. That forced Green Bay to kick a field goal and save the Redskins four points.

The first two plays for the Redskins offense went much better than they did against the Eagles. Robert Griffin III completed a pass over the middle for a first down, then Alfred Morris took his first carry for seven yards. But the Redskins failed to convert a third down and were forced to punt. Sav Rocca couldn't connect properly and only managed a 25 yard punt, giving the Packers great field position, something they had all day.

The Redskins managed to force a three and out after Brian Orakpo managed the Redskins third sack of the day for a 12 yard loss. But the first of many penalties on special teams killed the Redskins field position. E.J. Biggers was called for a block in the back, which backed the Redskins up deep in their own half.

After another three and out from the Redskins, and more pressure on Rodgers, the Packers are faced with a fourth down. They opt to go for it and Rodgers found receiver Randall Cobb over the middle. Cobb was matched up against linebacker Perry Riley, while Meriweather was rotating over the top to play single high safety. Riley obviously struggled to stay with Cobb and Meriweather slipped as he was rotating over. Cobb had an easy catch and run for a 35 yard touchdown. 10-0 Packers.

The first quarter ends with a great play by Trent Williams. Griffin throws a screen pass to Garcon, with Trent running out to block for him. Williams takes out the first defender and manages to get back up and run with Garcon 30 yards downfield to help block for him. Incredible athleticism from the star left tackle.

Second quarter - Redskins 0-10 Packers

After another punt, the Packers begin to drive on the Redskins defense, which is struggling to stop big plays. Meriweather came charging up to lay a hit on the sidelines, but leads with his helmet and ends up knocking himself out of the game with a concussion. The Redskins struggle to get pressure on Rodgers, who has plenty of time to pick apart the zone coverages. After a holding penalty saved the touchdown, Rodgers finds Nelson on a slant route. DeAngelo Hall was playing off-man coverage with outside leverage, and nobody was able to drop back and close off Rodgers throwing window. Nelson makes the easy grab for a touchdown, 17-0 Packers.

Griffin continued to look rusty against a live defense, just as he had in the first three quarters against the Eagles. The Packers get pressure and force Griffin to scramble on second and five. Griffin makes a bad decision to throw back against his body, but gets away with it. On the next play, the Packers blitz again and Griffin has a pass deflected at the line of scrimmage, falling incomplete.

The Packers start their next drive at their own 10 yard line. The Redskins gave up too many yards on first down plays. With the Packers backed up, the Redskins give up a 14 yard run on first down. Then we saw the first of many plays attacking corner David Amerson. Amerson barely touches a receiver that ran past him. Amerson appeared to believe he had safety help over the top, but he didn't. Rodgers is much too good to miss that opportunity, making a big gain. The Packers make it into the red zone without any trouble. Orakpo manages to flush Rodgers out of the pocket, but Rodgers scrambles to his right and is able to find his tight end Jermichal Finley in the end zone for another touchdown. 24-0 Packers.

After another special teams penalty gives the Redskins bad field position, they finally manage their first sustained drive of the game. Starting on their own 10, Morris picks up a good first down to get them out of their own red zone. The Morris bounces a run outside for 30 yards. With a running game to think about, the Redskins are able to go back to one of their staples of last year. Griffin runs a play-action from a read-option look before throwing to Pierre Garcon on a post route for an 18 yard pick up. Griffin was sacked after the protection failed to pick up a corner blitz, but Griffin found rookie tight end Jordan Reed over the middle for 11 yards to negate the sack. On third and five, the Redskins fail to convert on a slant pass to Garcon. Griffin threw the ball with power, but it sailed on him, making it hard for Garcon to reach up and grab it. They go for it on fourth down, but Josh Morgan can't bring in a perfectly placed pass. He tips it up in the air and it's intercepted.

The Packers go into a two minute drill. Amerson gets beat deep after biting on a double move. He gets away with grabbing the jersey of the receiver as the ball is a touch over thrown. Amerson then missed a tackle coming down from off-man coverage on a quick pass, giving up the first down. DeAngelo Hall makes a great play to hit a Packers receiver before he can reach the pylon, knocking the ball loose. The ball is called a touchback, saving the Redskins from yet another touchdown. The Redskins kneel out the half.

Half Time - Packers 24-0 Redskins. Rodgers 26/31 for 334 yards and three touchdowns. 130.6 quarterback rating.

Third Quarter

The Redskins open the second half with yet another third and out, and yet another special teams penalty. Rocca manages a good punt, but a penalty gives the Packers respectable field position. Josh Wilson blitzes from the corner and manages to bring down Rodgers for the Redskins fourth sack of the game. The Offense shows glimpses of some sort of rhythm after Leonard Hankerson makes a nice catch and run for 15 yards. The Redskins use the play-action off a read-option fake to find Garcon on the post again. But then Griffin overthrows Jordan Reed on third down and leaves the Redskins 0/7 on third downs to this point, 2/17 on the season. With Kai Forbath injured, John Potter comes on to kick the field goal, but pushes it wide.

The Packers ease their way to another scoring drive. Finley manages to run threw tackle attempts from Reed Doughty, Wilson and Bacarri Rambo along the sideline before eventually being dragged down by two defenders. Rodgers is tearing up the Redskins secondary, but is perfectly happy to hand off the ball as well. The Redskins really struggled to stop the run and were in complete disarray at this point. Rodgers and Nelson put the Redskins out of their missery after Hall comes down to take an underneath route, leaving Rambo to try and get over in time. Rodgers places a perfect throw and Rambo has no chance. 31-0 Packers.

On the next Redskins drive, Morris manages to pass 100 yards rushing on the ground, while Garcon picks up 100 yards receiving. The Redskins manage to make it into the red zone for the first time in the game. Griffin looks to Garcon, who pulls in a great catch and extends the ball inside the pylon for a touchdown. The play is ruled out of bound at the one, but is challenged and overturned. touchdown Redskins, 31-7.

Rodgers and the Packers come back quickly. Nelson finds himself match up against Amerson. At first, Nelson and Rodgers have a breakdown in communication, with Nelson going deep and Rodgers throwing the quick slant. But they go right back at Amerson on the next play and beat him over the top. Amerson can't turn and run with Nelson quickly enough and fails to turn his head to the ball. Nelson pulls in the catch despite Amerson giving up a pass interference penalty. The packers hand it off and running back James Starks takes it 32 yards untouched for another touchdown. In the process, he picks up 100 rushing yards, the first packer in 45 games to do so. 38-7 Packers.

Fourth Quarter

Before Rodgers even touches the ball in the fourth quarter, he already has a career high in passing yards with 414. It's also the first game in Packers history that they have both a 100+ yard rusher and a 400+ yard passer.

The Redskins offense is at least managing to gain some rhythm, but not without some hiccups. Garcon picked up the Redskins first third down conversion with a 25 yard catch and run.  Robinson manages to make a grab over the middle, but nearly fumbles. Luckily his knee just touched the ground before he lost the ball. The Redskins move into the red zone, but on first and goal from the 10, Griffin goes left to hand off, while the rest of the offense runs right. On fourth and goal, Griffin does manage to find Jordan Reed in the end zone for his first career touchdown catch. Reed was one of the few bright spots in this game. That should be the first of many touchdown catches for him. 38-14 Packers.

A bad punt gives the Redskins some decent field position inside the Packers half. Santana Moss and Jordan Reed both had some nice catches to help move the chains as the Redskins move into the red zone. Griffin looks for Moss on a corner route, who just manages to pull in the catch. The play was originally called incomplete, but after a challenge is overturned and ruled a touchdown. They went for the two point conversion, motioning Reed outside one on one against a corner, but Griffin can't find him on the slant route. 38-20 Packers.

The Packers get the ball back with around seven minutes left. The Redskins burn their time outs and find the Packers in a third and nine situation. But the Packers manage to convert and are able to drive down the field and run out the clock thanks to more missed tackles from the Redskins defense. Rodgers takes a knee and runs out the clock tied with Matt Flynn for the Packers passing record of 480 yards.

Final Score - Packers 38-20 Redskins.