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Still think Pat White is just a training camp body? Think again

After beating the Titans with his legs and his arm, the battle with Rex Grossman for the third quarterback job is definitely on.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Y'all can laugh all you want, but Pat White looked really, really good out there tonight — just as I predicted he would.

His completion percentage wasn't great because he had a couple of drops. But everything he threw was on the money and delivered with authority. He had a couple of long runs, followed by a beautiful scrambling touchdown throw that was negated when Lance Lewis fumbled right at the goal line. Fortunately, there was a roughing penalty on the play, and when Pat got another chance, he scored on an 8-yard scramble.

Then, rather than kick the extra point and go to overtime, they let Pat go for two and he converted after, again, scrambling away from the blitz.

I've been arguing all offseason that Pat is more than camp fodder and that he's a better passer than people give him credit for. He made me look brilliant tonight.

Meanwhile, Rex was Rex. He had a couple of OK completions, but he also had some totally head-scratching throws including at least one that should have been intercepted. He finished with a completion percentage of less than 50 percent (10 of 21).

It’s on, baby. The quarterback controversy is here.