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What is the Redskins Biggest Strength in 2013?

Entering the first preseason game of the year, what's the strongest position group for the Redskins so far?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This is an off-season like no other. The Redskins pretty much kept their entire starting units on both sides intact and did not bring in any high-priced free agents. The defense stepped up their game at the end of last year and see the return of Brian Orakpo and fresh blood in the secondary with Rambo, Thomas, and Amerson.

On the offensive side, Garcon is back to 100%, Cousins and RGIII have a year of experience, and Shanahan was able to replenish the RB depth with a healthy Helu and two RB hopefuls in Jawan Jamison and Chris Thompson.

So which group, excluding QB, do you think is the strongest for the Redskins?