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The Fun Bunch Podcast - Episode #5 - Rich Tandler

On this week's show, we talk about the first preseason game versus the Titans with CSN's Rich Tandler, SB Nation's Titans' writer, August West, from Music City Miracles, and close out the show with UK Redskin.

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We have quite the stream of guests this week as the return of Redskins football is upon us. With Rich Tandler, Ken, Harrison, and I talk a lot about Kirk Cousins and just how good has he been this camp if he needs to lead this team for an extended time. Next, the Titans blogger joins us to help paint a picture of their team and expectations in the post Jeff Fisher era, and to wrap up the show, UK Redskin joins us for a royal baby update and talks about what kind of plays and schemes to expect vs TItans.

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