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Redskins Breakout Players for 2013

There is always that player or two who come out of nowhere to contribute in big ways. Let's take a look at who that could be for this year's version of the Redskins.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Offense: This guy could have been the answer for the breakout player of 2012 if he were able to be more consistent. We saw huge plays from him in a couple games and then games when we had to check if he even suited up. Aldrick Robinson has the chance to be the breakout player this season for the high-powered Redskins offense. We saw the huge bombs that he scored against Dallas and Philly, but other times he was nowhere to be found come kick off. That changes this year. All reports out of training camp have said that this guy is improving his consistency and basically catching anything thrown his way. This should translate to the game. Hopefully teams will underestimate him as a guy that can just run the deep routes and forget about him underneath and in the middle. That's where his speed can break a D and he can add to that YAC.

I expect Robinson to be hit again on a couple deep routes this year for the big gain, but I also expect him to be more involved in the offense on a week to week basis. Just another weapon for the Shannys and RGIII to play with.

Offensive Honorable Mention: Josh Morgan- The only reason I don't think of him as a breakout for this year is because of how much he did for the offense last season. He was in the right place at the right time (RGIII MNF fumble...) and every big run seemed to involve him downfield blocking. I think he will continue to play like this and will be rewarded with a few more catches this year.

Defense: It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride with this defense and we are just into the season. Rob Jackson and Jarvis Jenkins suspended for the first four games. Keenan Robinson and Adam Carriker both sustained big injuries. A lot of changing and shuffling already for Haz's unit. But one thing that remains steadfast is the middle linebacker position. That's why I wasn't as worried about Robinson going down. Because behind Iron Man London Fletcher is an unsung hero and this year's breakout player in Perry Riley. What I didn't realize is that this guy was in the top-15 for tackles in the NFL. Looking back, it made sense. This guy was everywhere and involved with everything on D. I think that continues and that he leads the team in tackles. I also think we see him make some big plays, aided by a healthy Brian Orakpo and constant force Ryan Kerrigan.

This guy had 7 passes defended last season, a forced and recovered fumble, 3.5 sacks and two tackles for loss. I am going to go ahead and say that all of these numbers increase. I think that he is learning from Fletcher and makes himself a household name before the end of 2013. Lookout for 56 whenever the Burgundy and Gold are on the field.

Defensive Honorable Mention: Being from Georgia, I have seen this guy play a lot in his days at UGA, and I have always been a tough critic of him. But this being said, I think Bacarri Rambo has a real shot at being the breakout player on defense. He has been running with the 1s and everything I have read has said that he does not really look like a rookie out there. It would be great to see a 6th round pick start and contribute right away (Alfred Morris), and I think it happens again this year on the defensive side of the ball. Rambo goes a long way to help shore up this secondary and I think he makes some plays as a natural ball-hawk.

Special Teams: Can't leave out Special Teams in terms of break outs. Especially with what we saw with our placekicker! I don't remember the last time the Redskins were confident in a kicker going into a season. Thank goodness for Cobra Kai Forbath. Hopefully he continues his success. One place that needs to improve this year is any type of return game. The Skins have a new coach in Keith Burns and I think some big plays come with it. I think the return man will be Richard Crawford so I give him the nod for breakout player. We saw what he did against the Ravens and I think that could be a sign of things to come. Interested to see how he does or if he is in the rotation at kick off returner as well. He seems to have great vision and I am going to go ahead to say he scores a return touchdown off a punt this year.

This is a big declaration from a unit that hasn't had a return touchdown since what 2010? But I think Burns gives the unit a shock and gets them going again. Wouldn't be surprised to see the Special Teams unit change a couple of games in 2013.

Special Teams Honorable Mention: With Lorenzo Alexander departing in the offseason, many fans were probably feeling a bit nervous (myself included). But I think with a guy like Reed Doughty, I think the coverage team will be fine. But the guy I am interested in is Bryan Kehl. He may not make the same impact right away as LoAx, but I think that Kehl becomes the new guy that the special teams unit rallies around. Excited to see him out there and making plays.

Am I crazy? Did I miss THE breakout guy for 2013? Let me know!