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State of the Redskins Depth Chart: Running Backs

Sean Patterson examines the depth chart of the Redskins Running Backs before final cuts are made Saturday.

Al Messerschmidt

Alfred Morris- Alfred Morris is the single season rushing yard leader in Redskins history after one year in the NFL. Yeah, it is pretty safe to say we will be seeing him week 1 as the starter.

Trending: No Change (He’s the starter)

Roy Helu- Helu has played very well during the preseason. Roy Helu Jr. has already secured the back-up spot behind Alfred Morris according to Mike Shanahan. Expect to see Helu take some snaps on third down during the season and in other situations just to reduce the number of snaps Morris will take this season.

Trending: Upward

Chris Thompson- Chris Thompson has really impressed the Redskins coaching staff after his punt return performances during the Tampa Bay preseason game. Thompson has pretty much assured himself a roster spot after Richard Crawford, who was the punt returner last season, went down with a knee injury during the Bills preseason game last week. Chris Thompson could also see some snaps at running back this season in third down situations and to take some of the load off Alfred Morris as well.

Trending: Upward

Jawan Jamison- I am big fan of Jawan Jamison and I really wish there was enough space on the roster for him. Jamison left Rutgers early in order to help his mother with medical expenses and to help to support his family after his father’s death in 2010. If the team decides to keep an extra running back on the roster, Jamison could be the first guy in line for the spot. Jamison is more likely to be on the practice squad this season.

Trending: No Change

Evan Royster- Evan Royster had a very impressive game during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers preseason game. That was unexpected. I believed Royster was all but cut from the roster after his inconsistent play last season, but he has certainly made his case to stay on the roster. Even though Royster played well, the Redskins are only likely to keep four running backs on the roster (which may also include the teams Full Back Darrel Young). Royster may just be an odd man out and he is likely not going to make the final 53-man roster.

Trending: Upward

Keiland Williams- Williams is a long shot to make the roster at this point, even with his impressive performance against the Bills. Williams will likely be released and be given a chance to catch on with another roster or be brought back if someone gets injured.

Trending: Downward (Even though he has played well in his snaps)