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Hogs Haven fantasy football league update

An update on the progress of this season's Hogs Haven fantasy football leagues, and also a special announcement from Dan Ciarrocchi.

Last week, we had to regretfully announce that all the slots in Hogs Haven's "A" League had been filled, but we were extremely excited to see that HH-ers will still be forming leagues and competing. If your leagues are filled, post a link in the comments section so we can keep track all season long.

More: To follow the Hogs Haven A League all season long, click here

Also, if you're still in need of a league, the comments section is a great place to network with other community members and get going. A season without fantasy football would be depressing, so this is a good opportunity to fix that.

The Hogs Haven A League draft will be held Tuesday, Sept. 3 at 8 p.m. When it's over, you can heckle Hog Hunter about how he's not going to three-peat his title this year.

Also, I wanted to take a second to address something. Last year, I did a weekly fantasy football mailbag, and unfortuantely won't be able to do that this year. However, I've been asked to take on a new role with SB Nation and will be working their Fantasy War Room and Fantasy News Desk this season. The War Room is a forum you'll be able to access through SB Nation's fantasy page, and any and all fantasy questions you may have will be addressed there. Follow me on Twitter to find out specific times I'll be manning the room, or if you just want to ask me a question through Twitter then that's fine as well. In no way does any of this mean I'll answer fewer questions. If anything, I'll be answering more.

Another season of trash-talking, strategy and lazy Sundays is upon us. Best of luck to everyone this year.