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State of the Redskins Depth Chart: Offensive Line

Sean Patterson examines the state of the Redskins Offensive Line and the depth behind it.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The offensive line for the Redskins is causing the least controversy of any position battles on the Redskins roster.

Trent Williams- Ah, the Silverback. I enjoy watching him play football very much. He is the unquestioned starter at left tackle, regardless of anything that could possibly happen with the preseason. Even though the preseason games do not matter for Trent, he is playing extremely well during them. His block of two defensive backs during the long pass to Santana Moss was awesome. I like very few left tackles more than Trent Williams. I pray to the football gods for his continuing health.

Trending: No Change (He is the starter)

Will Montgomery- Will Montgomery is has been good during his preseason games. Montgomery had some issues with run blocking, but overall, his work against the bills defensive tackles was good and he will be the week 1 starter.

Trending: No Change (He is the starter)

Chris Chester- Chris Chester has been great in the preseason and he was fantastic in the 2012 season. There is no doubt he will be starting week 1.

Trending: No Change (He is the starter)

Kory Lichtensteiger- Lichtensteiger played well in the preseason games, especially against the Bills, and he is a valuable member of the Redskins offensive line. He plays well with the unit and is a lock to start week 1.

Trending: No Change (He is the starter)

Tyler Polumbus- Now, I always thought people were being too mean to Polumbus. But after watching the Steelers/Redskins game, I was yelling at my television very loudly when Lamar Woodley was blowing up Polumbus. Multiple times. Not that Lamar Woodley is not a great pass rusher or anything (even though his team mates complained about him last year), but your starting right tackle should not be getting crushed on every play. While he is not playing well and trending downward in my opinion, he will probably be the week 1 starter.

Trending: Downward

Tom Compton- The coaching staff seems to be pleased with Tom Compton and his work through the preseason as the backup left tackle. Though in all seriousness, as well as Compton has played, he is not ready to play left tackle in the NFL. This line only works when Trent Williams is healthy and playing (see 2011 season). Some are advocating Compton play right tackle, but I do not think this is a good idea. While it may just be a change of sides, but left tackle and right tackle are different positions. While he has played well on the left side against the 2nd team defenses in the preseason, 1st team defenders on the right side would probably prove too much for him to handle. I like Tom Compton and he has upside, but I am hoping he will not need to play this season.

Trending: Upward

Adam Gettis- Adam Gettis has been surprisingly good during the preseason. He, like Compton, has played very well against the 2nd team defenses. Gettis did have some trouble against starters, but he was not ineffective against the 1st team defenders. Gettis gives me a great deal of confidence with the interior lineman depth. Gettis will likely have his number called first if any of the interior lineman get hurt.

Trending Upward

Josh LeRibeus- Josh LeRibeus, our 2012 3rd round pick, has not had a great camp or preseason. Josh was also getting beat on a high percentage of his plays during the Bills/Redskins game. LeRibeus is definitely behind Gettis on the depth chart for interior lineman, but he will likely still make the roster because of the high investment of a 3rd round pick.

Trending: Downward

Tony Pashos- Tony Pashos is slowly becoming my favorite right tackle on the roster. Pashos has an excellent track record in the NFL, and he has looked pretty good during the preseason. Mario Williams did not overwhelm Pashos during the Bills/Redskins game. Pashos is a more aggressive right tackle, but he has solid technique and could be starting for the Redskins at some point as long as he stays healthy.

Trending: Upward

Kevin Matthews- Kevin Matthews is very unlikely to make the roster at this point. Many of the team’s guards can play center, so keeping a backup center on the roster is really not necessary. Matthews also has not shown anything to merit a spot on the final 53-man roster.

Trending: Downward

Xavier Nixon- Xavier Nixon is likely just on the roster until the final cuts before the 53-man roster. He could find his way onto the practice squad for sure. Nixon was once a highly touted tackle prospect, so I am sure the Redskins would love to keep him around even though he probably can not make the team as the back up right tackle.

Trending: No Change

Jeremy Trueblood- Trueblood has already been cut, but I just wanted to emphasize how bad he was. Based on every report I heard about Trueblood from camp, I honestly don’t even think he tried to make the team.

Trending: So far down he is a free agent. Burn.